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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 23 Recap

Tong Yuan and Du Taotao flew to Beijing with Lu Qiwen today. The observatory said that there might be a solar eclipse today. They were very excited and both looked forward to seeing the rare solar eclipse from the cab. As soon as Lu Qiwen left the cockpit, the solar eclipse began. Du Taotao let Tong Yuan control the plane so that he could see the solar eclipse better.

On the other side of Seville Airport, Wu Di applied for launch, and the flight back home began to take off. On the plane, Li Teng deliberately molested the flight attendant, but Wu Di stopped him. He estimated that he was really afraid that he would be handed over to the airport police when he got off the plane. But it’s not over yet. Li Teng deliberately didn’t wear a seat belt when he encountered a turbulence on the way. As a result, he fell due to the turbulence, which caused everyone to laugh.

When the plane landed, he found fault again. Du Wei patiently helped him unfasten his seat belt. Unexpectedly, he took the opportunity to wipe the oil. Du Wei changed his face and threw away his hand. Xia Yu behind couldn’t stand it, and stepped forward to stop and let the opponent apologize to Du Wei. Li Teng not only did not apologize, but also fought with Xia Yu. Ren Yuan heard that he used to deal with the first-class cabin, and Wu Di also did the aftermath for this.

Xia Yu sprained his arm and was treated in the infirmary. Du Wei came to see him and expressed his sincere thanks to him. Xia Hang guessed that Xiao Mo was in the boxing gym. He came to him after climbing the mountain and offered to buy a villa for him and his mother. Xiao Mo refused, but Xia Hang wanted to make up for his heart. Xiao Mo suggested to make an Aifei Dream project to fully support those children who want to learn to fly but don’t have the money to learn.

Xia Hang agreed, and then handed over the plan to Xia Yu, who had just returned home. When Xia Yu agreed, Xia Hang said that this plan was proposed by Xiao Mo, and the two of them must cooperate with each other. Li Teng’s uncle Li is always the director of Midsummer Airlines. President Li thinks this must be Xia Yu’s bullying, so he makes an appointment with Lei Chen, hoping that he can help. Lei Chen had always wanted to trouble Xia Yu, and this was exactly what he wanted.

Xia Hang urged Gao Kai to follow up the Aifeimeng plan with all his strength, and he also wanted to take this opportunity to let Xia Yu and Xiao Mo eliminate their grievances in the past. Gao Kai then had a meeting with Xia Yu and Xiao Mo to discuss, and he also called people from Ctrip to come and work together. To Xia Yu and Xiao Mo’s surprise, the senior business manager of Ctrip was Han Liwei.

Last time Luo Dong changed himself to Wu Di’s flight without authorization. Xia Yu came to Luo Dong to settle the account for this matter. Luo Dong apologized and assured him, and Xia Yu calmed down. Later Luo Dong learned that in addition to calling himself a volunteer for Ai Feimeng, Xia Yu also called Yu Jie. Duodu wants to open a restaurant outside by herself. Han Liwei supports her and plans to introduce her friends who open a restaurant to her.

Regarding Ai Feimeng’s plan, Wu Di also had her own ideas. She and Xiao Mo happened to see Xia Yu, but Xia Yu avoided talking and used Yu Jie as a shield. This made Wu Di very angry. Du Wei comforted her and said that Xia Yu was naive. It’s not a day or two. The next day, a policeman suddenly came to Xia Yu. Because of the beating incident last week, he wanted to go back and assist the police in the investigation.

Gao Kai went to the police station with him, and happened to meet Li Teng, he said that he must kill Xia Yu. When Xia Hang learned of the incident, he wanted to find Wu Di to find out what happened. Xia Yu sternly refused. He said that this incident had nothing to do with Wu Di. Wu Di wondered whether to go to Li Teng for a peace talk, Du Wei wanted to go with her, but Wu Di refused.

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