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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 14 Recap

The police were suspicious of Zhuo Ran, so they sent people to find Mi Gu and Zhuo Ran to investigate Mi Gu’s abnormal attack. Zhuo Ran and Mi Gu were questioned respectively. Seeing that the police were coming, Zhuo Ran deliberately hugged Mi Gu while talking to Mi Gu. Put his gun in Migu’s bag. The police searched Zhuo Ran’s body. Zhuo Ran was prepared for it. The police did not find anything. Migu accidentally found the pistol in his bag. Recalling that Zhuo Ran had just hugged himself, he had put it in his bag when he guessed it. Subconsciously, Yoneya defended Zoran and did not expose the incident to the police.

Migu was very confused. When she was in a daze, she found Migu at the beginning of Xia. Migu explained that he and Zhuoran were only working. Early Xia asked about Migu’s situation, and then said how she feels about Zoran now. She said that she had let go of Zoran, but she felt a little nostalgic because of the wonderful time. If Migu wants to pursue Zoran, then she also supports it. Migu, in her opinion, no man can compare to this best friend of Migu.

After the two went back, they happened to ran into Zhuo Ran. Zhuo Ran left Migu after seeing Xia Chu. He chased Xia Chu and asked her if she had ever taken the bottle of medicine that she had changed. Zhuo Ran explained that she had cooperated with a pharmaceutical company. Research and development of tranquilizers. There was an overdose of aristolochia in the first batch of medicine. Xia Chu hurriedly threw it away, saying that her assistant had taken the wrong medicine.

Xia Chu was a little angry, saying that if these medicines caused Liang Muze to harm her, then she She can’t forgive herself in this life. She told Zhuo Ran not to hurt her again under the banner of being good for herself, and don’t involve Yoneya. Zhuo Ran talked and hugged Xia Chu. When Xia Chu was at a loss, the elevator The door opened, Liang Muze and Liang Shaoxue were standing outside the door. It turned out that Liang Muze brought Liang Shaoxue to apologize to Xia Chu. At this time, Liang Muze and Zhuo Ran faced each other with hostility in their eyes.

Liang Muze apologized to Xia Chu for the pick-up, but Liang Shaoxue suddenly said that she was sleepy and fell asleep. Liang Muze carried Liang Shaoxue to Xia Chu’s office. The two talked about Zhuo Ran’s dressing change. Xia Chu believed that Zhuo Ran had just changed. However, Liang Muze felt that this was a preemptive strike by Zhuo Ran. Xia Chu said that she would not doubt her friend. Liang Muze told her not to trust a person who had been away for eight years, and he was not allowed to leave home after Xia Chu. The distance between people is very close, and the atmosphere is extremely ambiguous.

The person behind Liang Shaoxue was Brother Xiong. After he was caught back to the police station, he could not stand interrogation. Xiang Rao Feng explained that the real investor of the sapphire was a man named Master, the leader of T4. He got Brother Xiong. According to the confession, Rao Feng quickly connected Sang Kun and the master, and began to investigate the whereabouts of the old ghost. Rao Feng arranged the next work for his subordinates, so that they must keep an eye on Zhuo Ran and continue to look for clues in the City of Desire.

After Liang Muze left, he went to ask Zhuo Ran for questioning. Zhuo Ran did not cooperate. The two faced each other and almost fought. Zhuo Ran deliberately provoked Liang Muze. Xia Guangyuan saw this scene and asked what happened to Zhuo Ran. Zhuo Ran took advantage of Liang Muze’s departure. In front of Xia Guangyuan, he said ill of Liang Muze. After Zhuo Ran sent Mi Gu home, Mi Gu took out Zhuo Ran’s gun and returned it to him, and asked Zhuo Ran to explain.

Zhuo Ran took the gun and pulled the trigger, saying that it was a toy gun. After Zhuo Ran returned, Long Yi felt that Zhuo Ran deliberately let go of the old ghost. When the two were arguing, the master called the two of them. Zhuo Ran said that it was because of Liang Muze’s action that they would fail. The master asked them to quickly find the old ghost. And approached Xia Guangyuan, and asked Zhuo Ran to send Liang Muze’s information to herself.

Early Xia brought Liang Shaoxue home. Liang Shaoxue woke up again and became hysterical. She was awakened by Liang Shaoxue just after Xia Chu had a rest. She let Liang Shaoxue stop for a while, but Liang Shaoxue couldn’t stop. Dong Zhigang approached Liang Muze and asked him to lead a team to participate in the Central Asian military exchange training camp in Velik at the end of the month. Liang Muze took over the task, but he was worried because of Zhuo Ran’s words. Liang Muze and Tian Yong talked about Zoran and felt that those who came to Zoran were unkind.

Chen Mengzhen specially gave Zhang Yichi the cake she made and thanked him again. Zhang Yichi told her not to be so polite to herself next time.

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