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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 13 Recap

Liang Muze recalled the information Zhang Yichi told him about the pills. Those pills were 3D printed. He couldn’t help but think of Zhuo Ran, who started a 3D printing company. He faintly felt that Zhuo Ran was related to these things. He called Rao Feng. He talked about the investigation results of the dressing change, and asked him to help investigate Zhuo Ran. The police investigated that T4 people would appear on the medical forum, and sent a Thunder commando team to cooperate with the public security organs to take charge of the security work of the medical forum.

Liang Muze led the Thunder Commando and the police team led by Rao Feng into the hotel where the medical forum was located, and he happened to see Zhuo Ran in the hotel. After entering the hotel, Zhuoran went to the room and took out the Bluetooth headset that he had hidden long ago to inform Long to do it, and went to Migu to get the forum pass.

Liang Shaoxue’s plane landed. Early Xia went to the airport to wait for Liang Shaoxue to come out. It happened that Xia Guangyuan went to Ningjiang City for a business trip to attend the summit. He called to ask if he had time to eat at the beginning of Xia. Early Xia said that he had time to meet again, so he hung up the phone. At the beginning of Xia, she waited and waited, so she called Liang Shaoxue, but a cleaner picked up and said that Liang Shaoxue was asleep in the toilet cubicle.

At the beginning of Xia, he took the photo given by Liang Muze and compared it with Liang Shaoxue himself. For a long time, I couldn’t believe that the person in front of me was Liang Shaoxue, but Liang Shaoxue woke up suddenly. The shocked Liang Shaoxue made Xia Chu very uncomfortable, but Liang Shaoxue threw the luggage to Xia Chu, and drove off by herself. Xia Chu was in a daze. Zhang Yichi called her to go back to the hospital. Early Xia had to rush back to the hospital to go to work and sent a voice message to Liang Muze to explain the situation.

Not long after Liang Shaoxue drove out, she ran up with someone else’s car at an intersection. Liang Shaoxue’s car was rented, so she wanted to call the police. The person who was hit said that it was Liang Shaoxue’s full responsibility and did not want to entangle her. Lie to her that the police came and drove away.

The appearance of Zhuo Ran attracted the attention of Liang Muze and Rao Feng. Both of them closely watched Zhuo Ran’s movements and let people monitor Zhuo Ran personally. The summit where Xia Guangyuan came on business was the hotel where Zhuo Ran was located. Zhuo Ran also paid special attention to Xia Guangyuan’s appearance. , And then took pictures of the old ghost who followed Xia Guangyuan to his accomplices. At this moment Liang Shaoxue suddenly appeared at the door of the hotel, and Liang Muze hurriedly had someone bring Liang Shaoxue to the command room. Liang Shaoxue followed the man she hit to the hotel parking lot.

The man drove into Liang Shaoxue. Fortunately, people from the Thunder Team appeared to rescue Liang Shaoxue and stopped one of the gunmen. Rao Feng quickly asked the special police to reinforce the underground garage. Before the special police arrived, Tian Yong had been entangled with the person who was hit by Liang Shaoxue. After a thrilling fight, Tian Yong finally subdued him. The other gunman committed suicide by taking poison, and Rao Feng hurried to get someone to organize a rescue.

At the banquet, Migu wanted to do an exclusive interview with Xia Guangyuan. Xia Guangyuan agreed on the face of the beginning of Xia, so he wanted to talk to Migu in detail on the other side. The abnormality that had been entangled with Migu suddenly attacked Migu, and Xia Guangyuan was accidentally injured. , Lao Gui and Zhuo Ran both stepped forward to help Xia Guangyuan. Therefore, the old ghost saw Zhuo Ran. He felt that something was wrong and wanted to escape.

When Zhuo Ran saw the old ghost ran away, he asked Long Yi to execute plan b. On the other hand, Liang Muze also found that the old ghost was wrong. , Went to the meeting place to catch people. On the way to the old ghost, Long Yi shot him. Liang Muze spotted the sniper and hurried people to catch him. The old ghost also took the opportunity to escape Liang Muze’s pursuit.

As soon as Liang Muze returned to the hotel, he heard Liang Shaoxue arguing with Rao Feng yelling. Rao Feng couldn’t control Liang Shaoxue, so he could only ask Liang Muze for help. Liang Muze seemed to know Liang Shaoxue’s virtues and waited quietly for her to finish. Then she asked her what happened and asked her to find a way to pay for the car rental.

Liang Shaoxue’s expression changed and she hurried to act like a baby at Liang Muze. Liang Muze wanted Tian Yong to send Liang Shaoxue back. Liang Shaoxue recognized that Tian Yong was the one who was just underground. The garage rescued his own person and rushed forward directly. Tian Yong was taken aback. Liang Muze asked Tian Yong to direct the scene activities and sent Liang Shaoxue home by himself.

Tang Lin sent Xia Guangyuan to Xia Chu’s hospital. Xia Chu was very worried. Xia Guangyuan said that he had nothing to do. Tang Lin also said that it was thanks to Zhuoran.

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