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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 30 Recap

Shen Zhaowen said that he bought fake silk in Su Changji, Minggu’s father was arrested by officials, and the shop was sealed. Shen Zhaowen gave a letter to Xie Xiaoman to ask her to meet. Xie Xiaoman and Ming Gu came to Shen Zhaowen and asked her that she accused the deer of bullying the people and worshiping the county lord of Rong’an because she had asked her to bully them.

Xie Xiaoman asked Shen Zhaowen what she wanted to do. Shen Zhaowen said that what she didn’t want to do was to tell her that she was going to marry Zhao Xiaoqian, and she was not at ease with him, Shen Zhaowen. Shen Zhaowen asked Xie Xiaoman to marry Li Congwen. She said that she would feel more at ease. If she felt at ease, Meng Da’s shopkeeper would naturally be safe.

Xie Xiaoman and Ming Gu came to the county mansion to ask Zhao Xiaoqian to let Meng Hanru go. Zhong Ziyan told Zhao Xiaoqian that it was Shen Zhaowen’s handwriting for the marriage of Li Su and Xie Xiaoman. Liang Ji stopped Xie Xiaoman and Ming Gu, and Zhong Ziyan stopped Zhao Xiaoqian from letting him take care of this.

They were the last step to find out the connection between the bank and the grain grass. He advised Zhao Xiaoqian to prioritize things, and Zhao Xiaoqian listened to Xie Xiaoman. What was said outside left tears. Xie Xiaoman had no choice but to see Zhao Xiaoqian, so she had to agree to marry Li Su. After Xie Xiaoman left, Zhao Xiaoqian came out to pick up Xie Xiaoman’s broken hairpin, and told him not to let anyone see Meng Hanru during this time to protect her.

Zhao Xiaoqian found the evidence and presented it to the emperor. He said that the world thought he was going to seize his aunt, but even his majesty thought so, but he did not come back because of the grievances of the Shirakawaguchi brothers. His Majesty said that Shirakawaguchi was not wronged, and Zhao Xiaoqian won the battle.

Biandu Fu Yin also gave it to him and asked him what he wanted. Zhao Xiaoqian said that he and General Xu Hao fought against the enemy at Baichuankou a year ago. His Majesty allocated 300,000 military salaries to Baichuankou, but 200,000 were burned to the torch in Shuozhou. He and General Xu led the Xiongjie army in Shirakawaguchi fought with one hundred thousand grains and grass for half a year and finally expelled the thief, but these hundred thousand grains and grass will not feed the brothers of Shirakawaguchi.

They lost ten thousand soldiers and some brothers even starved to death on the battlefield. Victory is still defeat. The official responsible for escorting the army rations has no life and no evidence, because the 200,000 load is not ration but hay. Zhao Xiaoqian disregarded his majesty’s anger and went on to say that his majesty asked him for evidence. His majesty refused to retrial and tore up all the memorials written by Zhao Xiaoqian. His majesty ordered Zhao Xiaoqian to be sent down and flogged.

Today is Xie Xiaoman’s date of marriage. Zhao Xiaoqian went to Su’s family to snatch her after leaving the palace. Zhao Xiaoqian carried Xie Xiaoman away. When Zhao Xiaoqian jumped into the lake to catch the duck, he took two eggs in his hand. He said that after a few days of employment with the geese, he carried Xie Xiaoman into the door and asked her to prepare well at home and return the hairpin.

To Xie Xiaoman. Ming Gu and others found Xie Xiaoman to go home, and she explained the matter to Li Su clearly. Li Su understood that Xie Xiaoman didn’t blame her either. Li Su said that if Zhao Xiaoqian bullied her in the future, she could come to him, and Xiaoman would come at any time if he had something to do. Xie Xiaoman reassures Li Su that even if she makes a decision, she is willing to do so, and her marriage is not a deal.

Shen Yan told Shen Zhaowen that he and Zhao Xiaoqian had told her not to take this marriage seriously and everything was just a trick, and asked her why she wanted to take it seriously. Shen Zhaowen’s expression is gloomy. Did she wait for so many years? Shen Yan also felt that Zhao Xiaoqian couldn’t be sorry for her this time. If her reputation was damaged, he would not be able to spare Zhao Xiaoqian. Asking to marry Shen Yan let his sister come. So far.

Zhao Xiaoqian married Xie Xiaoman in a beautiful scenery, and everyone in the family worried about her, but after listening to her, she didn’t regret it and stopped saying more and sent her to marry.

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