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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 28 Recap

Zhong Ziyan found that 300,000 pallets of grain and grass were burned, of which 200,000 pallets were hay, and the official who escorted the principal had no survivors. Now it is also a headless case. Qin Canzheng in Biandu has been pursuing this matter secretly. According to the letter, it seems that Zhong Ziyan paused for a while and then said that a year ago, the officials checked the books of Jingxi Jingdong Road. The money originally used to buy military salaries was used by the officials to make up for the deficit. As for why these two roads Ku Yin is about to ask Xu Xiang when he is short, and Donggong is also involved.

Yan Boyang was admitted to find Minggu to confess good news. Seeing Minggu and Xie Xiaoman chasing after the scholar who said bad things about Zhao Xiaoqian, Yan Boyang came and drove them away. When Zhao Xiaoqian returned to Biandu, he asked Zhong Ziyan on the carriage. Zhong Ziyan said that it was not very good. Although Jingxi and Jingdong had misappropriated military pay, he had not found any problems. Xu Huan is now climbing up, and Qin is in charge of Biandu. It is also a lonely tree.

The emperor gave Zhao Xiaoqian the title, but Zhao Xiaoqian only asked to be the Yin of the Bian Capital, and the officials talked a lot. Biandu Fu Yin has always been made by the East Palace and after the crown. Zhao Xiaoqian asked for a job in the East Palace once, and the father-in-law came to tell Xu Xiang that His Majesty did not agree. Today Zhao Xiaoqian’s affairs at the court must have made them suspicious, Xu Xiang must have some action there, and Zhong Ziyan told Zhao Xiaoqian to be careful afterwards.

Yan Boyang sent a post saying that he was going to be with Zhao Xiaoqian, and Xie Xiaoman would also go. Xu Xiang has now found someone to stare at Zhao Xiaoqian and Zhong Ziyan. They must have known about Yan Boyang and Xie Xiaoman in Biandu, and now the best way is to do business as usual. Zhao Xiaoqian returned to the Pu Palace, and the princess scolded him as soon as he saw him. Zhao Xiaoqian didn’t care much. He came back to give his brother incense.

The next day, Xie Xiaoman, Yan Boyang and Ming Gu had prepared their meals early, and they were waiting for Zhao Xiaoqian and Zhong Ziyan. Xie Xiaoman was a little worried that Zhao Xiaoqian would not come, and Zhao Xiaoqian and Zhong Ziyan arrived after a while. Xie Xiaoman was concerned about Zhao Xiaoqian’s injury. Zhong Ziyan explained that there was nothing serious, but that his knee hurts a little on rainy days. Zhao Xiaoqian asked if Xie Xiaoman was married, and asked her to find makeup for her. Xie Xiaoman bowed his head and tears fell sadly.

An old man found Zhao Xiaoqian and shouted to pay back his son’s life, saying that if Zhao Xiaoqian hadn’t been greedy for military service regardless of the life and death of the soldiers, his son would not have died in battle. The old man was taken away by the soldiers, and the old man was still cursing Zhao Xiaoqian and Zhao Xiaoqian. Left in a bad mood. Xie Xiaoman caught up with Zhao Xiaoqian and asked him what kind of knee pain he would have on rainy days. Zhao Xiaoqian interrupted her and told her not to mention Yuyangli. There are so many imperial doctors in Ouchi that she can’t worry about. Xie Xiaoman asked Zhao Xiaoqian why people all over the street said he was greedy for military service, but Zhao Xiaoqian did not answer her question.

At night, Zhao Xiaoqian came to Xie Xiaoman. Xie Xiaoman drank and saw Zhao Xiaoqian appear in front of her and scolded him very aggrievedly. Zhao Xiaoqian hugged her to comfort him. After investigating, Zhong Ziyan told Zhao Xiaoqian that this old husband should be arranged by Xu Xiang’s person, and asked him what he planned to do next. Zhao Xiaoqian said that he would ask his Majesty to marry Shen Zhaowen tomorrow, and he plans to continue.

Zhao Xiaoqian asked Shen Zhaowen to marry him in the court, and the officials said that he was just a fool, and he wanted to marry his wife just after the war. Xu Xiang gave the news to the Queen Zhao Xiaoqian, who first asked his Majesty to ask the official Biandu Fu Yin, and just now he asked Shen Zhaowen to marry him in the court.

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