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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 27 Recap

When Zhao Xiaoqian returned to the county mansion to find Princess Pu, he heard that she said that he would have nothing to do with him. He said that Princess Pu sitting high and enjoying the glory and wealth was in exchange for human life. Zhao Xiaoqian asked all the servants to go out, leaving only him and the princess. Zhao Xiaoqian said that the princess had done too many bad things and had no judgment in his heart. The princess was very angry and threw the things in her hands to the ground, saying that she was living by sacrificing her own flesh and blood.

To keep his glory and glory, ironically, it is really enviable that the mother, kind and filial family is upright and enviable. The princess pretended not to know, Zhao Xiaoqian said that he had found Fu Weng and found out the cause of his brother’s death. Zhao Xiaoqian told the princess that he planned to follow Xu Shuai to Baichuankou on the battlefield. The princess was shocked and complained why he wanted to catch the entire princess Pu’s future.

The Su family and the Xie family gathered for a New Year’s Eve dinner, and the Su family planned to leave after the New Year. Zhao Xiaoqian sent the pot of soil and a letter to the Su Mansion’s Xie Xiaoman’s hand, and saw Zhao Xiaoqian standing at the door when Xie Xiaoman came out. Zhao Xiaoqian came to say goodbye to Xie Xiaoman. He told Xie Xiaoman that he was about to go to the battlefield, and asked her about his future plans. Xie Xiaoman said that she was going to Biandu in the next year. Concubine opened a new shop in Biandu, Liu The husband also opened a college over there, she went to teach, and she was to be a husband.

Zhao Xiaoqian left the city alone, Zhong Ziyan chased him to follow him on the battlefield, and the two rushed to Baichuankou together. Yan Boyang knelt on the snow and begged his father to let him go to school in Biandu. He promised his father that he would work hard to earn a fame and return, and his father nodded and agreed. The Su family and the Xie family went to Biandu, and Yan Boyang ran after them and wanted to go with them. The Su family reopened Su Changji in Biandu, and the newly opened shop was overcrowded. Xie Xiaoman also became a teacher in Mr. Liu’s academy, and Yan Boyang began to read the book seriously.

In the mouth of Baichuan, Zhao Xiaoqian and Zhong Ziyan talked about the war, Baibaozhai Taozhou had been retaken, General Xu also sent a military report to take Linzhou City, the thieves all surrendered. A soldier heard that the general was wise, he felt that now they only had to hold the Shirakawa mouth, and said that they might return to the court in early spring next year. Zhao Xiaoqian feels that these are too rivals for love now. He asked the scouts sent out a few days ago, and the soldiers have not yet returned.

Suddenly the soldiers came to report to the front scouts to report that the enemy was approaching them while the Shirakawaguchi was empty, and they were now in short supply, fearing that they would not be able to survive these few days. Zhao Xiaoqian proposed to add England to the enemy’s hoarding of grain and grass. The only way to break through this is that their grain and grass supplies can be secured. Zhao Xiaoqian said that the daily cooking and cooking would require twice the amount of stove fire than usual. The flags of each pass are also It is twice as much as usual. This is to make the enemy think that they are large in number, so that they dare not act rashly.

The enemy has more cavalry and they have more infantry. Zhao Xiaoqian prevents the soldiers from going out to fight with the enemy easily. Each battalion hangs up the battle card every day. If one of them is allocated by the enemy to fight, it won’t be amnesty whether they win or lose. Zhao Xiaoqian asked Shen Yan to bring two hundred soldiers with him tonight to rob the enemy’s food path, and released carrier pigeons to tell General Xu that they will leave the camp in the next five days. If General Xu does not return to the army, they will fight. The last one, Shirakawaguchi, will also fall into the opponent’s hand.

Zhao Xiaoqian went out to fight and was unfortunately hit by an arrow from the enemy. Fortunately, General Xu rushed back to support him. In the Battle of Baichuankou, Zhao Xiaoqian led people to fight hard for three years, and many soldiers died. Huang Liu also died there. The soldiers who died in the battle were buried. Zhao Xiaoqian promised that he would give them an explanation about the food and grass. Zhao Xiaoqian took them back. Home now.

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