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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 7 Recap

Somerset said that Qi Xiangqian is inferior to Qiushi. He doesn’t need to be unconfident. Qiushi firmly believes that Qi Xiangqian and Bai Ruoxue have no common topics or the same hobbies. Qiu Shi knew that Somerset really loves Qi Qiang, so she advised her not to give up the one she loves, just like herself. Somerset understands what he is thinking, but she has nothing to do with Qi Xiangqian and Qiu Shi. Somerset heard that Qi Qiangqian and Bai Ruoxue met on the front line of North Korea, so they ran to look for him that night, and Qi Qiangqian quickly collected the letter.

Shengjie was angry. When he came up, he scolded Qi Xiangqian for hypocrisy. Qi Xiangqian wanted to explain the letter. Somerset said that the incident was over. She felt that Qi Xiangqian had already liked Bai Ruoxue and didn’t tell her. This way humiliated her, Qi Xiangqian quickly began to explain again.

Zhao Duofu just heard Somerset and Qi Xiangqian talking after washing. Qi Xiangqian said that Somerset was also good, but these words sounded like boiled water to Somerset. Somerset admits that Bai Ruoxue is excellent, but they may not be suitable! Qi Xiangqian was anxious. They all said that he toad wanted to eat swan meat, but he couldn’t speak his heart. Shengjie is a good girl, but Qi Xiangqian couldn’t forget her after seeing Bai Ruoxue.

He felt his heartbeat when he saw her, but he couldn’t get his heartbeat when he saw Shengjie. Somerset wiped away the tears. She hoped that Qi Xiangqian’s decision was not impulsive. Regardless of whether they will be together in the future, Somerset would like to bless them, and Qi Xiangqian hopes to be good comrades with Somerset, good brothers and sisters. When Shengjie opened the door and saw Zhao Duofu eavesdropping, he slapped the door severely and took pictures of his nosebleeds.

Qiu Shi hopes that Somerset and Qi Xiangqian will be together. Somerset tells Qiushi that she is not the gun in his barrel. If you really like Bai Ruoxue Qiushi, you should pursue it, don’t move these careful thoughts! Zhao Duofu yelled with a sore nose, and yelled forward to invite him to dinner. Zhao Duofu urged Qi Xiangqian to be more realistic, Qi Xiangqian couldn’t support Bai Ruoxue at all, but Qi Xiangqian was determined by one mind.

Bai Ruoxue received a letter from Qi Xiangqian and Qiushi again. She said that those who love me are not what I want, and those who love me don’t know my heart. Somerset was still sad when he returned to the room. Qi Qiangqian couldn’t fall asleep with a toothache in the middle of the night, and he refused to go to Somerset to prescribe medicine. Zhao Duofu pointed at him and said he was weak and told him to stop thinking about Bai Ruoxue.

Liu Guiqin studied work in the middle of the night. Yu Deshui asked her to quit her job and go home to do serious things. Of course Liu Guiqin would not agree. Now she is doing her job as the director. a shame. Qi Xiangqian really can’t go to Somerset for an injection. He needs to be hospitalized tonight and will have an injection tomorrow morning. Zhao Duofu kept boasting that Somerset ignored the predecessors, but Qi Xiangqian was always afraid of her. Zhao Duofu asked Qi Qiangqian to rest quietly, but Qi Qiangqian thought about Bai Ruoxue, if she would feel sorry for herself.

Wang Sulan came to Dabei Factory, and when he saw Liu Guiqin, she asked Zhao Duofu. The picture sent by Liu Guiqin Zhao Duofu looked quite upright. Liu Guiqin said that she would arrange for them to meet after breakfast. Somerset went to give Qi Qiang an injection, but Qi Qiang had already gone home. Zhao Duofu was about to go on a blind date, for fear that Wang Sulan would beat him like Somerset, so Qi Xiangqian accompany him for a while, thinking that Qi Xiangqian would set him off.

When the two of them were pulling together, Shengjie came to look for him. Got an injection. Somerset asked Qi Xiangqian to take off his pants, and Qi Xiangqian refused to die, but Zhao Duofu pressed him to finish the injection. I heard that Qi Xiangqian had a toothache all night last night, and Yu Deshui thought that if he hadn’t asked for leave, he should be considered absent from work, and he was very strict.

As soon as Zhao Duofu and Wang Sulan met, they sat obediently like a mute and didn’t say anything. Liu Guiqin hurried away when they saw this, letting them have a good chat. Zhao Duofu and Wang Sulan introduced the situation of the family. Although there are many sisters in the family, they are divided into houses and fields. He is not burdened. Wang Sulan asked Zhao Duofu and said a lot, and she wanted to show others the wounds he left on the Korean battlefield.

Qi Qiang came to the troupe to find Bai Ruoxue, who happened to be back from the district and county performance. Bai Ruoxue returned Qi Xiangqian’s letter, and she always worshiped Qi Xiangqian as a battle hero. Qi Xiangqian hesitated, in a word, he likes Bai Ruoxue. Bai Ruoxue confessed that she didn’t know whether she had more feelings than worship or worship more than feelings, and Bai Ruoxue didn’t know much about it.

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