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Stray Birds 飞鸟集 Episode 9 Recap

Zhang Jiang went to the hospital to see a doctor. Due to the long, complicated and fixed procedures of the hospital, he was unable to see it after waiting for a long time. Therefore, after several round trips, he finally collapsed. He just wanted to see a doctor. Why is it so hard? The doctor thought that this person was deliberately making trouble, and the police were invited. After the exchange between the two sides, it was found that it was indeed a problem with the hospital. Zhang Jiang called Lin Shaoting to help. Lin Shaoting thought he was being bullied, so he hurried to the hospital to help his friends. When the two sides were in dispute, Zhang Jiang actually drew a simplified scientific flowchart for the hospital.

After returning to the company, Zhang Jiang, Lin Shaoting, and Su Xiaoman had an in-depth discussion on the hospital registration process, and made certain modifications to Zhang Jiang’s preliminary design improvement plan. The three people collided and came up with a very good solution. method. Their conversation was heard by Ren Qianqiu, who was very satisfied with the performance of the three interns. Ren Qianqiu talked with Wu Yue, saying that he saw that Wu Yue, Su Xiaoman, Zhang Jiang, and Lin Shaoting, these young people are not people who are willing to be programmers for a lifetime.

They have the ambition to change the world in their hearts, and they are willing to do so. Provide help as much as possible. Because the original intention of brain data entrepreneurship is to make the world a better place, now the company has grown to a certain scale, and I hope to use the power of the company to support newcomers and let myself and this group of newcomers keep their original aspirations.

After this conversation, Wu Yue believes that Ren Qianqiu is not as unfathomable as he had imagined at the beginning, but the previous all-in-one card matters have made people feel contradictory. Now he is very confused and does not know how to do it. Wu Yue and his friend Xiao Quan communicated that through existing investigations, it was found that Qianda Group had paid off all the money owed to customers by the all-in-one card project.

Other online all-in-one card customers did not make a fuss about this matter. However, it is obvious that his father is here. Neither the loan shark nor the bank received his father’s repayment. After reasoning, there are only two possibilities.

Either the father used the Qianda Group’s refund elsewhere, or the person in charge of the Qianda Company for processing the repayment has not been put in place, and the father has not received the financial refund at all. . At this time, Mao Sai suddenly started. Director Chen was once the specific person in charge of Qianda Group’s wealth management products. After analyzing the character of this person, there may be a ghost. Wu Yue intends to change the direction of the investigation and start investigating this person.

Director Sun of his own company had a junior outside, and happened to come to the restaurant where Wu Yue worked part-time and was bumped into him. In order to seal up, Director Sun promised Wu Yue that he would help him become a regular employee. However, Wu Yue thought this was a good opportunity for investigation , So I said that what I want is not only to be positive, but I still need to think about what I want.

Su Xiaoman uses a glass of water to compare Chai Qing, who likes Lin Shaoting. He said that this glass of water is smart, beautiful, generous and hot, and it is also a good first-class water. The most important thing is that this glass of water has always been the type of water Lin Shaoting likes, and it’s kind of heartfelt. Persuaded Lin Shaoting to drink this glass of water. Lin Shaoting said that this glass of water couldn’t attract him except for the appearance. Now the taste has changed, and he no longer likes this kind of water. Su Xiaoman was speechless. Chai Qing heard all these conversations between the two of them.

In the summary of the interns’ work appraisal meeting, Ren Qianqiu said that sending them out this time was an appraisal, and each intern was given a score to evaluate the performance of each intern. In the end, Wu Yue was assigned to the Logistics Department, Lin Shaoting Finance Department, and Chai Qing Public Business Department, while Su Xiaoman still worked hard for the creative ideas he had participated in before.

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