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Stray Birds 飞鸟集 Episode 8 Recap

Wu Yue asked the seniors who worked in the Qianda Group to have a dinner, and wanted to get information about Director Chen’s promotion from the seniors’ mouths, because he thought that there seemed to be something unspeakable behind Director Chen, which might be related to the semi-private loan from his parents. .

The senior brother said that the previous equipment failure, from the downtime to the person who notified the brain data to rush to repair, and then to the completion of the repair, took more than 48 hours, but the content in the related report finally given by the Qianda Group was not. Does not match the real situation. The brother realized that the data in the report may be false, and Director Chen knew that this matter was reported to the report. Perhaps there was something tricky here, so he planned to report to his leader, but Wu Yue persuaded him not to do so for the time being. Reporting, now this node is very important to the Qianda Group. If the matter is reported at this time, then the group will definitely sacrifice the brothers in order to preserve important projects with other companies. So far, it is better not to rush and startle the snakes. The brothers said after thinking about it. Agree.

Su Xiaoman and Chai Qing moved into a new home with two renters. Xiaoman’s artist mother helped her clean up her things and played a piano. Lin Shaoting, who came to help, heard that Lin Shaoting also had a certain degree of piano skills. There was some discussion about the first song. Listening to the song played by Su Xiaoman’s mother, Lin Shaoting remembered the scene when her mother taught herself to play the piano when she was a child, and missed her mother again.

Wu Yue seems to have really moved some feelings for Su Xiaoman, and he didn’t forget to send WeChat to care about her injuries when running at night. The next day, Wu Yue accompanied Edward the restaurant owner to buy flowers. After shopping, the two ate small cakes by the river and discussed what love is. When leaving, Edward patted one of his feet into the water, saying that he often walked by the river, and there was no one who didn’t wet his shoes. And asked Wu Yue whether he wanted to choose to walk with wet shoes by the river, or whether he planned to go ashore. This principle is the same as love, he has to make his own choice.

Human Resources Director Maggie came to the restaurant to attend the gathering of Su Xiaoman and others. However, Su Xiaoman and others canceled the gathering due to a temporary incident. As a result, McGrady waited in the restaurant alone for a long time. Edward had heard Su Xiaoman talk about this Maggie for a long time, and said in front of Maggie that he knew she didn’t like the word “leftover” because she was a leftover girl. Seeing Maggie’s furious appearance, Edward quickly relieved What’s wrong with embarrassingly calling the leftover girl? He is also a leftover man.

Ren Qianqiu arranged for interns to participate in the project of foreign transfer, and introduced Wu Yue to the other party’s President Li very solemnly, saying that he is an expert and an international talent. Wu Yue was a little flattered after hearing this. It turned out that Ren Qianqiu arranged each of them into an external transfer project in order to exercise and at the same time to inspect these interns, and first introduced that everyone is an expert, hoping to inspect them through this external transfer project.

Several interns have their own ways to deal with it. Some people are very strong in their own way, and some people are weak in strength, but they can cope with it by studying relevant knowledge, and some people are slanted. , Cultivating relationships by accompany the boss to eat out at the wine bar, and some people use their own colors to act like a coquettish to the boss, thereby gaining a good impression.

Director Chen of the Qianda Group, the new officer took the post of three fires, very arrogantly directing his subordinates to work, and Wu Yue’s senior was also among the commanded.

After get off work, Su Xiaoman accompanied Wu Yue to the restaurant to work part-time. When the two cleaned and wiped the glass, Su Xiaoman breathed a sigh of relief at the glass and drew a character. After that, he looked at Wu Yue on the opposite side expectantly. Wu Yue was helpless. , Drew exactly the same symbol on the glass according to that character, and Su Xiaoman happily went around in circles. On the other hand, the boss and other employees who had witnessed the whole process said that the scene was really unsightly.

Su Xiaoman, Chai Qing and others plan to match Edward and Maggie, and the two protagonists seem to be tempted by each other.

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