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Stray Birds 飞鸟集 Episode 7 Recap

Ren Qianqiu brought many interns with brain data to the hospital to visit the sick Su Xiaoman. He talked about the upcoming recording of the next episode of “Geek Madman”. He said that there is a player named Agui in the program group, which is very interesting and talented. , I hope Su Xiaoman can watch it by then. Su Xiaoman patted his mind and suddenly remembered that she was going to participate in the next recording. It turned out that she was the player named Agui, but when she participated in the recording, she brought a wig on purpose. Therefore, Ren Qianqiu and others were not able to She recognized it.

Wu Yue, who had been taking care of Su Xiaoman in the hospital, returned from buying fruit. He met two people who had collected debts before. He saw that the situation was wrong and hurried away. However, he was caught on the way to escape. The boss of the other party claimed that the death of Wu Yue’s parents was related to the death of Wu Yue’s parents. They didn’t matter, but when Wu Yue’s parents died, the repayment fell to Wu Yue. After so long, the loan shark owed has reached 20 million. The other party gave Wu Yue a deadline and demanded him. Repay 100,000 yuan in half a month, otherwise you will be at your own risk.

Wu Yue came to the police station and explained the situation to the policeman who handled the death of his parents. He said that he had always thought that his parents had borrowed loan sharks just to get through the crisis temporarily, so the amount would not be too large, but he owed money later because of Ligunli. More and more people will have nowhere to choose to commit suicide, but now it seems that things are not that simple.

If calculated based on the current amount of 20 million owed, the money my father borrowed should be enough to fill the vacancy in the bank, but why in the end the bank still confiscated his own property? The police believed that this problem was easy to explain, indicating that the loan shark borrowed by Wu Yue’s parents was not used to repay the bank loan.

Su Xiaoman again put on a wig set and participated in the recording of the show as A turtle. With his excellent design, he won warm applause from the audience. After the recording was over, Ren Qianqiu talked with A turtle alone. He had already seen the truth of Su Xiaoman. Identity, I hope she will perform well in the next round.

Lin Shaoting had a conflict with his father Liang Hongda at home. Liang Hongda claimed that Lin Shaoting went into trouble when he returned to China. He introduced him to his seniors himself. He left with his hands and persuaded him to live and work seriously, but his son just refused to listen. I rented out the old house in the family, it was too presumptuous. This old house was of extraordinary significance. It was the house where Lin Shaoting lived with his mother since he was a child. However, Lin Shaoting believes that now his name is written on the house book and he naturally has the right to rent it out.

Talking about the mother, the dispute between the father and the son has further escalated. Lin Shaoting has always believed that the mother left because his father messed around outside, while Liang Hongda claimed that the matter was not what he thought, but now he cannot give an explanation. Liang Hongda unbearably gave him a punch at his son’s unreasonable abuse. Lin Shaoting ran away with anger, saying that even without the help of his father, he could live upright.

Lin Shaoting went out to drink with a friend, Chai Qing found him, kissed him in front of all the friends, and thanked everyone for taking care of Lin Shaoting. Now she will take over him. Wu Yue on the other side came downstairs at Su Xiaoman’s house at night and gave her a very beautiful greeting card. Su Xiaoman contacted Wu Yue on WeChat and told him that Qianda Group had engaged in a wealth management product before, but I don’t know why it turned out. Liang Hongda filled in half of the family property before returning the client’s principal. This news is for Wu Yuelai. Said it was very important, he had a slight eye for investigating the cause of death of his parents.

Early the next morning, Chai Qing and Lin Shaoting woke up naked in the hotel room.

There were several projects in other departments of the Brain Data Company that needed to be seconded by several interns under Qianqiu to help. Wu Yue signed up proactively, and Su Xiaoman also signed up with him. Chai Qing thought she had caught the golden turtle son-in-law and was very happy. However, Lin Shaoting was not interested in her, and did not believe that the two had really had a relationship the night before, because although she drank a piece of film by herself, it was in the last second of effective memory. , Nothing happened.

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