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Stray Birds 飞鸟集 Episode 11 Recap

Mother came to Xiao Man and Chai Qing’s residence and supervised Xiao Man to practice the piano. Lin Shaoting also came, and Chai Qing kept showing her extraordinary relationship with Lin Shaoting in front of Xiao Man and her daughter. Lin Shaoting was originally the better son-in-law candidate in Xiaoman’s mother’s mind, but looking like this now, it seems that he is nowhere to be his son-in-law.

Wu Yue took an internship in a courier company and returned to his company to report a few days later. However, the direct marketing manager was reluctant to participate. After waiting for a long time, he waited for two colleagues, and the colleagues also looked indifferent to this. They left without listening to the report. Wu Yue realized that it was really difficult for him to act this time.

After Ren Qianqiu heard about his situation, he told him to stay calm, and everything would turn around. At this time, Wu Yue received a call. The other party claimed that he was a person from a logistics company and gave him an opportunity to purchase black data to smoothly promote the cooperation between the two companies. Wu Yue did not make a statement on the spot.

In fact, all of this is a conspiracy between Director Sun and the marketing manager. Because Wu Yue broke into Director Sun’s finding a mistress outside the house last time, Director Sun planned to cut the roots without leaving anyone behind, and tried every means to kick him out of the company. So this bureau was set up.

Su Xiaoman found that the data provided by Wu Yue to the courier company had been manipulated, so he informed the news in time, and packaged Wu Yue’s original data and sent it to his private email. Realizing that he was framed by someone from his own company, Wu Yue quickly thought of a countermeasure. He printed the final data conclusions made after investigation into a paper version and handed it to Mr. Dai of the logistics company in the form of express delivery.

In the brain data and logistics company docking meeting, the director of the marketing department reported on the brain data solution because it still did not meet the actual situation of the express logistics company and did not include the experience of Wu Yue’s internship in the express company. Mr. Dai’s criticism seriously doubted the business strength of the Brain Data Company. At this time, the logistics company’s server was down, and the reason was the abnormal data change.

The director of the marketing department took this opportunity to frame Wu Yue, but the sooner Wu was prepared, President Dai had already seen the true colors of these people and exposed the director of the marketing department’s tampering with data on the spot. It turns out that the manager of the logistics company also participated in this farce, because the data algorithm provided by Wu Yue will greatly optimize the express delivery process and reduce the probability of express delivery.

Therefore, it will reduce the proportion of insurance purchases by the logistics company, and the manager’s wife acts as an insurance sales agent. If employees use Wu Yue’s algorithm, their income will be greatly reduced. The logistics manager and the marketing director, one will suffer economic damage, and the other is arrogant and arrogant, who have long been unfamiliar with Wu Yue. The two teamed up to give Wu Yue this trap.

Despite this incident, President Dai finally signed a purchase agreement with BrainData. He believes that as long as Wu Yue is an upright talent working in BrainData, he will trust the company and cooperation will continue. Ren Qianqiu expelled all relevant persons in charge of the marketing department, hoping that Wu Yue would become the director of the marketing department, but Wu Yue refused.

He prefers to be a data worker behind the scenes. Then Wu Yue found Director Sun. He had already guessed that Director Sun must have gotten involved behind the scenes, so he took advantage of the trend and made his request, hoping that he would help him investigate the all-in-one card incident involved in brain data.

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