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Stray Birds 飞鸟集 Episode 10 Recap

Wu Yue followed the leader to attend the meeting of the client company. He helped a plainly dressed employee move items on the elevator. After getting off the elevator, he was very considerate to help people transport the things to the warehouse. The boss didn’t want Wu Yue to spend his spare time to help someone who didn’t. Related people.

At the beginning of the meeting, it was unexpected that the last boss of the other company who came in was the employee just now. Everyone was a little surprised. The boss of the other party interrupted a person’s report and asked Wu Yue to report. Wu Yue completed the report as requested by the other party’s boss. After returning to the company, he was severely criticized by his immediate leadership, believing that his newcomer’s actions today were not adequate.

Su Xiaoman participated in the recording of the last episode of “The Geek Madman” and had to attack each other on procedural issues with competitors. After a round of debates, Su Xiaoman was one point ahead and successfully advanced. However, at this time, she thought she was The program design still has some problems and is not perfect enough. If it enters the development stage, it is irresponsible to the customer, so I chose to retire.

Wu Tiantian made a noise in the storage room on the second floor of the restaurant. He was discovered by an employee of the restaurant. He told him about his affairs every day and asked not to tell the boss. This employee was very kind and moved every day. Edward heard the sound and went upstairs. First, he saw a little boy sitting next to the employee. In a blink of an eye, the little boy disappeared. He asked the employee if he saw a child. After receiving a negative answer, Edward was scared away.

Wu Yue returned to the restaurant after get off work, and after learning that Tian Tian had been found, he decided to change his place immediately. Edward thought he saw a kid, so he immediately asked Maggie for help. Maggie, a popular human resource manager, came to the restaurant and said that he didn’t believe there could be a kid in this world, so he rushed to the second floor. With the help of Wu Yue and his staff, Run away every day without being found.

Wu Yue found Ren Qianqiu, informed him of the problems he had encountered in his work recently, and asked for his advice. Ren Qianqiu believed that brain data is a place where a crouching tiger, a dragon, and Wu Yue should “hide” and “lie down”. As a last resort, don’t be in the limelight and learn to keep your head down. However, if your leader does make a wrong decision and may cause losses to both yourself and your customers, then it’s good to stick to what you think is right and have a clear conscience. .

Meeting with the logistics customer again, the boss of the other party was very dissatisfied with the plan given by the brain data. He believed that only the chart data was not in line with the actual situation of the logistics company. At this time, Wu Yue suddenly stood up and said that he was willing to work in the logistics company for a week. On the basis of understanding the specific actual situation, he proposed a perfect plan for the problem. The boss of the other party was very satisfied with his behavior and was very optimistic about this young man. However, Wu Yue’s decision was still severely criticized by his boss and threatened to let him go.

Chai Qing suggested that if Su Xiaoman wants to understand Wu Yue, it is best to start from the books he likes to read. Su Xiaoman began to inquire about Wu Yue’s remarks on social software in the past, and found that most of his comments in the past year or so have been very negative and frustrating. Su Xiaoman’s remarks were a little surprised, and he didn’t know what had happened over the past year that made him like this.

The interns from the same company commented on Wu Yue’s internship in a logistics company, and believed that this practice harmed the company’s face, while Su Xiaoman believed that there is no job that can be called vulgar, and no job is lofty for the same reason. Should look at other people’s work with prejudice, the two quarreled.

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