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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 22 Recap

Back then, Xiao Huai and Xia Hang were admitted together, but there was only one place for admission. Xiao Huai voluntarily gave up and let Xia Hang go out of the village to pursue his dream. Xia Hang originally wanted to compensate Xiao Huai when he returned from his studies, but he didn’t expect him to die young. And now Xia Hang feels that perhaps it was God’s will that asked Xiao Mo and Xia Yu to continue the brotherhood of their fathers. As for whether you can become good friends with Xia Yu, Xiao Mo said it depends on fate. Then, Xiao Mo and Xia Yu made a paper airplane together and flew the paper airplane toward the sea. The paper airplane flies very far, which seems to symbolize that they will also fly very far in the future.

After returning from the New Year, Midsummer Airlines held the inauguration ceremony of the fifteenth flight academy co-pilot. From this moment on, they are real pilots, and every bar on their shoulders has a special meaning. Xiao Mo congratulated Wu Di and Xia Yu on finally becoming pilots. Wu Di could see that they had reconciled and couldn’t help but feel happy for them. At the company’s internal meeting, Lei Chen took out the expensive handicrafts he had brought back last New Year’s Eve. He told him to handle them carefully, but the handicrafts had been broken after arriving in Shanghai.

Lei Chen also said that he only wanted to remind the flight attendants to do a good job of service, not to hold him accountable. Xia Hang demanded rigor, and immediately asked Gao Kai to investigate the matter. When Du Wei and Zhou Qian were asked individually, they both said they broke them. Du Wei also specially reminded Xia Yu not to miss his mouth, after all, he had just obtained the qualification to fly.

Xia Yu remembered that she accidentally dropped the handicraft, and said that she would not let Du Wei carry the pot. Gao Kai was questioning the two captains Lu Qiwen and Xiao Mo. Xia Yu broke in and said that he fell, making Gao Kai a little angry, because before Zhou Qian and Du Wei both said that they fell, now Xia Yu has come in again. How can he not be angry.

Lu Qiwen asked if Xia Mo knew that something was thrown by Xia Yu. Out of psychological considerations to protect Xia Yu, Xiao Mo did not identify Xia Yu’s handicrafts, but objectively said that the matter had to be investigated. Gao Kai took the investigation report to Xia Hang, but Xia Hang asked him to directly pass the investigation report to Lei Chen, who would be punished as he or she should be.

Lei Chen didn’t hold on to this matter anymore. He was spared the apology and compensation, but he hoped that the company could strengthen education in this area in the future. GP 621 was flown by Ren Yuan and Lu Qiwen. There was a 32-week-old pregnant woman on the plane, and Hua Hin specially changed her position in front. Seeing that the pregnant woman hadn’t eaten anything, Hua Hin asked if the meal didn’t suit her appetite.

Miss Wang said that she had no appetite. She was flying alone this time because her husband on a business trip died unexpectedly. She was going to deal with the funeral. Hua Hin didn’t know what to say. Miss Wang went to the bathroom for a long time and didn’t come out. Hua Hin was very worried. She opened the door and found that her amniotic fluid had broken.

The flight attendant immediately reported to Ren Yuan that Hua Hin had recruited medical staff on the plane to work together to deliver the baby. This incident has had a great impact on them. Hua Hin and Ren Yuan joked that they had it that night, but they found out that they did indeed have it after verification. Neither she nor Ren Yuan were ready yet, and they seemed to be in a hurry. Gao Kai conveyed Xia Hang’s notice and asked Xia Yu to go to Seville to participate in the federation in three days.

The plane Xia Yu took happened to be Wu Di’s first long-distance flight. Xia Yu asked to get off the plane, but he was not allowed to get off the plane according to the regulations. Xia Yu had to ask Du Wei to help Wu Di pass a note and ask her to meet on the bridge in Paris. Xia Yu and Wu Di talked frankly on the bridge. He said that the previous agreement with Wu Di is no longer necessary, and they can no longer be friends. Between them, either the relationship between boy and girl friends, or only the relationship between ordinary colleagues. Later, when I met in the restaurant, Xia Yu really walked by as if he didn’t know her.

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