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Hi, Mom (你好,李焕英)

Hi, Mom (你好,李焕英)
Also known as: 你好,李焕英

Genre: Drama, Comedy
China Mainland
Jia Ling
Release Date:
Feb. 12, 2021 (China Mainland ), March 19, 2021 (Australia)
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  • Jia Ling
  • Zhang Xiaofei
  • Shen Teng
  • Chen He
  • Wei Xiang

One day in 2001, Jia Xiaoling (Jia Ling), who had just been admitted to university, experienced a big ups and downs in her life. She wanted to be the pride of her mother, but she was deeply saddened by her mother’s sudden serious accident. In a state of emotional breakdown, Jia Xiaoling unexpectedly returned to 1981 and met her young mother Li Huanying (Zhang Xiaofei). The two were inseparable, just like best friends. At the same time, I also met a group of innocent and kind friends. Xiaoling thought that when she came to this “broad world”, she could use her advanced thinking to make her mother “do a lot”, but the result surprised Xiaoling.

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