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Cliff Walkers (悬崖之上)

Cliff Walkers (悬崖之上)
Also known as: 悬崖之上, Impasse, Cliff Walkers

Genre: Drama, Spy War
Zhang Yimou

Release Date:
April 30, 2021
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  • Zhang Yi
  • Yu Hewei
  • Qin Hailu
  • Zhu Yawen
  • Ni Dahong
  • Sha Yi


In the 1930s, four communist agents who had received special training in the Soviet Union formed a task force and returned to China to perform a secret operation code-named “Utra”. Due to the betrayal of the traitors, they were already in the snare of the enemy from the first moment they parachuted and landed. Whether the comrades can get away, whether the task can be completed, the snow has been falling, and the action team standing “on the cliff” is facing a severe test. The Utra team headed by Zhang Yi fell into a trap set by the enemy.

There were secret agents chasing and intercepting in the first place, and then there were traitors rebelling against the water. Harbin was full of murderous intentions under the snow. The Utra squad soldiers were divided into several distressed situations. Zhang Yi was hit by the enemy’s head and broke the glass, severely wounded and bloodied; Qin Hailu and Zhu Yawen staged a chase scene with the enemy; Liu Haocun was hidden under the train and hung out of the car window. ,

For the first time to challenge the action show to show the skills of the agent-using a scarf as a weapon to kill the enemy alone. On the other side, Yu Hewei’s eyes were full of complicated thoughts when he walked in the dark night. Ni Dahong’s sentence “I would rather kill by mistake than let it go” showed his viciousness and vividly. Who can complete the task alive?

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