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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 16 Recap

Li Qian realized that he was also involuntarily responding to Ning Chengming’s kiss, so he determined that he was in love with Ning Chengming. When the two were kissing each other, Ning Chengming’s mind unexpectedly appeared in the image of Cao Mei. Ning Chengming was so frightened that he stopped the kiss quickly.

The kiss that stopped suddenly made Li Qian stunned, realizing that it might be because the kiss between the two made Ning Chengming remember some clips, and Li Qian hoped to be able to. Let Ning Chengming know her again, and it can also give Ning Chengming new memories, even if the memories are restored, don’t forget her.

Ning Chengming wanted to blow Li Qian out of the shower. The moment he hugged Li Qian, he wanted to ask for a kiss, but was hurriedly rejected by Li Qian. On the one hand, Li Qian was afraid that he would be deprived, on the other hand, he was also afraid. Ning Chengming remembered too much now, so he hurriedly hid in the room.

Yu Qingqing also learned the news, knowing that Cao Mei is Ning Chengming’s fiancée, and quickly told Li Qian the news, and at the same time he also inquired about the news that a shareholder meeting will be held in Guanding tomorrow. Li Qian guessed that Ma Hao would lead Ning Chengming must be opposed to the acquisition, which led to Ning Chengming’s disappearance. Because as long as Ning Chengming does not appear, the acquisition can proceed, and the gap in the capital flow can be quickly filled, Li Qian anxiously asked for a copy of Dong Wei’s personal information.

Someone sent Cao Mei a photo of Ning Chengming with a girl. The girl’s face was not clearly seen in the photo. The other party requested that as long as Cao Mei pays the remaining fees, she can see Ning Chengming, Cao Mei. With care in mind, when he received a call from Director He, he confidently told the other party that Ning Chengming would return soon.

Li Qian hopes to leave Ning Chengming with a lot of memories about the two of them, so he takes Ning Chengming to go on a date, watch a movie, and takes Ning Chengming to listen to the master’s lecture, hoping that Ning Chengming can understand that she even lies But they are all white lies. If one day Ning Chengming recovers his memory, he can still remember the story between them.

When the master asked the two to do the test, Ning Chengming wrote that the most important person in life is Li Qian. Li Qian was touched and wanted to tell Ning Chengming the truth of the matter, but he also felt that the truth should be clarified. Then I told Ning Chengming to avoid Ning Chengming in danger, so Li Qian only said that he had the opportunity to tell Ning Chengming the truth about everything.

When Li Qian went to find Dong Wei, Ning Chengming went to buy food for Li Qian and ran out, but he was spotted, but he was spotted by Lu Shao, who had been monitoring Ning Chengming. Lu Shao quickly let Qi Wei go. Cover Ning Chengming. Ning Chengming also found someone stalking him and hurriedly escaped, only to fall down the stairs and fainted. But in the process of rolling down, Ning Chengming unexpectedly recovered all his memories.

At the same time, Li Qian approached Dong Wei and learned that Dong Wei’s son needed a certain amount of money to be hospitalized. For this reason, Ma Hao gave the money to coerce Dong Wei into making a false account of 20 million, and also framed Ning Chengming. . But I didn’t expect that Ning Chengming knew about it, and took away the manuscript, and returned the real account book first in order not to be horrified. Li Qian also recorded Dong Wei’s words and asked him to sign for confirmation.

But what Li Qian didn’t expect was that Qi Wei, who arrived later, found Ning Chengming, who had fallen, and sent Ning Chengming to the hospital. Ning Chengming who woke up had already recovered his memory in his mind, and Qi Wei returned. I told Ning Chengming the cause and effect, so that Ning Chengming figured out everything.

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