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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 15 Recap

Ning Chengming and Gu Zhe looked at each other together. It can be said that the rivals were extremely jealous when they met. In Ning Chengming’s impression, this Gu Zhe is a waste boss who needs Li Qian to coax, but Gu Zhe deliberately showed that he was with Li Qian. The very intimate state indicated that he and Li Qian were childhood sweethearts, which made Ning Chengming very jealous. Ning Chengming and Gu Zhe took out their mobile phones almost at the same time and both chatted with netizens.

In fact, their netizens were the people in front of them, but they didn’t know it. Ning Chengming also asked the emotional counseling paste teacher that they met their opponents. Teacher Hu is Gu Zhe, and Gu Zhe also complained incessantly that the opponent he met was also very strong, and he couldn’t compare it at all. Ning Chengming in turn borrowed what Gu Zhe had said before to comfort Gu Zhe. No matter how powerful the opponent is, it mainly depends on whether the person he likes has him in his heart.

One sentence reminded Gu Zhe that he happened to see Li Qian coming over. Gu Zhe deliberately acted like a baby and disliked that coffee was too bitter. Li Qian had adapted to Gu Zhe’s act of acting like a baby, and habitually put some sugar in it, which made Gu Zhe feel happy. Xiang Ning Chengming showed off “too sweet, so delicious” Ning Chengming was so angry that he didn’t say a word.

Due to the disappearance of the Chief Financial Officer, Ma Hao was eventually convicted of Ning Chengming and killed Ning Chengming. In order to get news from Chief Financial Officer Dong Wei, Yu Qingqing proposed to attend a class reunion. There was a classmate Xiao Tao at the party. You can get some information from her. Li Qian and Yu Qingqing are going to a class reunion, and Gu Zhe, who has also heard Ning Chengming’s class before, must also go to a class reunion. Hearing this, Ning Chengming also wants to go, for fear of falling behind. But these words frightened Yu Qingqing and the others. Yu Qingqing hurriedly reminded Ning Chengming that he used to be a teacher.

If he went there, it would not be a class reunion. Considering his bad image before, Ning Chengming had to give up and follow. Gu Zhe was even more proud, and he also proposed to play games with Ning Chengming, trying to compare Ning Chengming, Ning Chengming was really disappointed, he can’t play games. Li Qian couldn’t bear to let Gu Zhe bully Ning Chengming. He satirized that Gu Zhe was not doing proper work, and Ning Chengming would not compare with people who did not do proper work and would not do those ridiculous things. This sentence made Ning Chengming very happy.

Laughed. Li Qian tenderly said goodbye to Ning Chengming and told him to wait for her to come home obediently. Ning Chengming nodded happily, which also made Gu Zhe feel uncomfortable. Yu Qingqing also told her about Gu Zhe’s liking for Li Qian in private, but Li Qian didn’t take it to heart. Instead, she thought that Yu Qingqing had not figured out the situation, and everything was the illusion that Gu Zhe relied on her too much. .

At the reunion of classmates, everyone had big “opinions” towards Li Qian, thinking that she was actually a little fox when she was in school, and Ning Chengming was an old fox. The little fox always makes everyone work for nothing, which is more hateful than the old fox, and they all demand it. Asking Li Qian to imitate the old fox in class in public, Li Qian performed vividly. Yu Qingqing and Xiao Tao in the audience inquired about Dong Wei and Guanding, and unexpectedly learned that Dong Wei was really missing. And Guanding’s partners are not only Ning Chengming and Ma Hao, but also Ning Chengming’s fiancée.

Yu Qingqing was immediately dumbfounded. Seeing Li Qian’s heart was full of sorrows, for fear that Li Qian would not be able to bear it. Yu Qingqing wanted to ask Ning Chengming’s fiancée, but saw Ning Chengming come to give Li Qian an umbrella. Everyone was terrified by Ning Chengming’s arrival, but seeing that the old fox was a little different from the little fox, they all asked if the two were together, and Li Qian pulled Ning Chengming away with fright.

Ning Chengming was very happy to be held by Li Qian, and he solemnly told Li Qian not to be held by other men. Li Qian suddenly remembered that Gu Zhe had pulled him, and realized that Ning Chengming was jealous and couldn’t help it. Laughing, Ning Chengming’s mouth is so hard that he doesn’t admit that he is jealous, and Li Qianxiao’s branches trembled wildly.

Li Qian and Ning Chengming feel very happy together, but they are also very worried. If one day Ning Chengming suddenly finds that they are not in the same world, what should Ning Chengming do, but Ning Chengming said that he would enter Li Qian’s I went to the world and kissed Li Qian deeply. Suddenly, some scenes of a car accident that appeared in his mind made Ning Chengming have a headache, but he quickly returned to normal, which made Li Qian very worried.

Li Qian and Ning Chengming wanted to go to the botanical garden, but they had a holiday. They had to wander on the road. When rain suddenly fell in the sky, Ning Chengming raised Li Qian with his windbreaker over his head. Taking refuge from the rain in the sentry box is like many couples in love. When the two look at each other in a solitary space, they will inevitably embrace and kiss each other.

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