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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 6 Recap

Qi Xiangqian and Qiu Shi had a quarrel, Qiu Shi also took out his identity as a revolutionary, saying that his friend’s wife should not be bullied, Qi Xiangqian was wronged, but Qiu Shi and Bai Ruoxue are not husband and wife, Qi Xiangqian also really likes Bai Ruoxue what. Qiu Shi believed that Bai Ruoxue would definitely choose himself instead of Qi Qiang. Qi Qiang took out Bai Ruoxue’s pen and said that it was the token they exchanged. Qiu Shi was so angry that he yelled towards Qi Qiang. Qi Xiangqian’s hammer barely won Yu Deshui’s praise, and he decided to have a drink with him at noon.

At this time, He Feng led people to beat the gongs and drums to give Yu Deshui a certificate. He was elected the first advanced production worker of the Dabei Factory, and Yu Deshui repeatedly said he was ashamed. In a blink of an eye, a group of people left, He Feng called to go forward, and Yu Deshui held the certificate in place. He Feng asked Qi Qiangqian if he was in love, and Qi Qiangqian quickly said that he hadn’t made a move. He Feng repeatedly asked who that person was. Qi Xiangqian said that it was Bai Ruoxue. He Feng sighed that he was so uplifted and that a toad wanted to eat swan meat.

However, He Feng didn’t object, but Qi Xiangqian had to be ready to lose, and Qi Xiangqian patted his chest to ensure that there was no bunker he could not blow down. Qi Xiangqian and He Feng talked about the matter with Qiushi, and if they couldn’t talk about it, they had a rival in love first. He Feng said that Qi Xiangqian and Qiu Shi are equal on the issue of pursuing Bai Ruoxue, and one sentence made Qi Xiangqiang clear.

Zhao Duofu helped Liu Guiqin transport a lot of coal. Zhao Duofu asked the nephew daughter Liu Guiqin introduced that day, but he still didn’t know her name. Liu Guiqin said that her name was Zhier and her name was Wang Sulan. Liu Guiqin wanted to help Zhao Duofu take off his hat and wipe off his sweat. Zhao Duofu kept his hat and started to work again. Qi Xiangqian came forward and told Liu Guiqin to cook two more dishes, and Yu Deshui wanted to have a few drinks with him, saying that he had become an advanced worker. Liu Guiqin hurried to go shopping for wine and food, and asked Zhao Duofu to stay.

When Qiushi and Bai Ruoxue met, they couldn’t help but ask Qi forward. Qiushi asked Bai Ruoxue how he looked forward to this person, and Bai Ruoxue truthfully replied that he was simple, sincere, and manly. Qiushi asked Bai Ruoxue again what he thought of him. Bai Ruoxue was very surprised what happened to him today. Qiushi confessed that Qi Xiangqian had stated that he liked Bai Ruoxue, and he wanted to know who Bai Ruoxue would choose between them. Qiu Shi’s aggressiveness made Bai Ruoxue very uncomfortable.

She didn’t want to be the target of their choice, nor did she have the right to let her make a choice. Yu Deshui drank a lot with Qi Xiangqian and Zhao Duofu. Qi Xiangqian had already thought about getting on the main frame, and was severely rejected by Yu Deshui. Yu Deshui approves of women turning over, but does not approve of turning over too much. Her daughter angrily said that Liu Guiqin was a self-reliant person. Everyone called Mrs. Liu. Yu Deshui laughed after listening.

Qiushi chased Bai Ruoxue out to explain. In fact, Bai Ruoxue knew what Qiushi thought. She was not comparing Qiu Shi with Qi Qiang, because her knowledge of aligning forward was almost zero. Qiushi took Bai Ruoxue’s hand and asked her to go boating next week, but Bai Ruoxue refused. Next week, she will go to the districts and counties to perform for two weeks.

Qiushi gave Bai Ruoxue the chocolate she was not willing to eat, hoping that she could refuse Qi Xiangqian to come to her again. Bai Ruoxue was a little puzzled. They can be lovers, but they are also independent individuals. This kind of love is somewhat for Bai Ruoxue. Can’t stand it. During this period of time, Bai Ruoxue had long established their relationship as a romantic relationship, but what Qiushi said today made her feel a bit too sloppy, so she has to think about it during this period of time.

Qi Xiangqian said that he likes Bai Ruoxue, Yu Deshui took a mirror on the table and placed it in front of Qi Xiangqian to let him see if he was worthy. Liu Guiqin also said that Qi Xiangqian shouldn’t, after all, Bai Ruoxue and Qiushi are together. Yu Deshui and Liu Guiqin jointly scolded Qi Qiangqian to be sober and sober, Bai Ruoxue is a corner, what is Qi Qianqian’s. Qi Xiangqian was anxious, and directly quarreled with Zhao Duofu, Yu Deshui directly lifted him up and threw him out of the house.

The grocery store opened, and Cao Dehe returned to his old business, saying that he was serving the people. Liu Guiqin took a mouthful of Director Cao, and Cao Dehe replied with Teacher Liu. Liu Guiqin bought a bottle of cream and gave some advice to Cao Dehe. Qiu Shi and Qi Xiangqian were awkward, and refused to show Qi forward the drawing. The two of them tossed and quarreled, and Yu Deshui hurriedly stopped them.

Liu Guiqin asked Director Ma to say that the nursery had more than a dozen more children, thinking about setting up a regular nursery, and also thinking that if the nursery is standardized, there should be a lack of a director. Director Ma said that he would consider this matter carefully. Qi Xiangqian went home from get off work in a low mood, Zhao Duofu said that Qi Xiangqian chased people too much, chasing people and blowing up a bunker, he rushed forward regardless. He Feng asked Zhao Duofu to bring Qi forward a sentence and let him report on his relationship.

Qiu Shi ran to find Somerset Tucao and went forward. Somerset felt that Qiu Shi liked Bai Ruoxue and should work hard to confess her. What did she say here?

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