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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 5 Recap

Qi Xiangqian was sure that Qiushi and Bai Ruoxue were not boyfriends and he was relieved immediately and rushed directly. Qi Xiangqian walked to Bai Ruoxue only consensually. He Feng introduced Qi Xiangqian to Bai Ruoxue. Hearing that he had been to North Korea, Bai Ruoxue felt that he was a bit familiar. After Zhao Duofu reminded him, he remembered that Qi Qiangqian had saved him in the first place. The person hurriedly shook his hand to express his gratitude. The actors of the troupe heard that they were fighting heroes, so they asked them to sign their names.

After some shirks, they all signed their names on everyone’s notebook. He Feng and Bai Ruoxue decided to ask Qi Xiangqian to report to the troupe, and the actor also suggested that Bai Ruoxue invite Qi Xiangqian to dance. Bai Ruoxue enthusiastically taught Qi Qi forward to dance, and Qi Xiangqian awkwardly finished the whole dance. Qiu Shi on the side had already understood the meaning of Qi Xiangqian, and his face gradually became ugly.

After the party, Liu Guiqin and Cao Dehe talked about Qi Xiangqian and Bai Ruoxue. Liu Guiqin said that Qi Xiangqian likes people, but it’s useless. Qiushi and Bai Ruoxue are together. Kong Shiju also said that the stage is better than the stage. Still lively. Bai Ruoxue was busy all night before she had time to talk to Qiushi. Qiushi gave her a notebook and asked her to open it when she went back.

The two also made an appointment to meet the day after tomorrow. Qi Xiangqian couldn’t sleep well all night, and was still practicing dance steps in the middle of the night. Zhao Duofu was awakened by him, and he hurriedly covered the Mediterranean hair, but he usually didn’t take off his hat. Qi Xiangqian and Zhao Duofu had a fight all night, only to reluctantly rest after being knocked on the wall by Qiushi next door.

The next day, Qi Xiangqian said something to chat with Qiushi, but Qiushi didn’t want to talk to him. Qi Xiangqian asked Qiushi why he had no idea about Bai Ruoxue for so many years, and Qiushi said coldly if he had any ideas, why tell him. Qi Qiangqian found that Qiu Shi’s mood was wrong, and Qiu Shi simply said, he didn’t want Qi Qiangqian to cut a gap between him and Bai Ruoxue. Qi Qianqian pretended to be stupid, but his eyes couldn’t deceive anyone.

Qiushi frankly told Qi Xiangqian that he loved Bai Ruoxue and had fallen in love with her since the first time he saw her seven years ago! Liu Guiqin planned to go to work early in the morning, but Yu Deshui was upset when she heard that and asked her to stay at home. The children said that Yu Deshui was machismo and also expressed support for Liu Guiqin.

Morosov said that Bai Ruoxue was very beautiful, and reminded Qiushi to attack quickly and don’t let others copy the back path. Qi Xiangqian looked for Qiushi for something, but was rejected by Qiushi on the grounds of working hours. Zhao Duofu pointed to Qi Xiangqian to persuade him to pay more attention. Today the whole factory is talking about Qi Xiangqian, saying that he toad wants to eat swan meat. Qi Xiangqian is anxious, can’t the toad eat swan meat?

Yu Caifeng led the children to read the text, and Liu Guiqin was very happy to watch it. Qi Xiangqian was absent-minded all day, and Yu Deshui simply supervised the work. Cao Dehe came to check, and when he talked about Qi Xiangqian, Shengjie looked indifferent. Cao Dehe wanted to bring together Somerset and Qiushi again, and asked Somerset to stop the conversation.

The nursery run by Liu Guiqin solved everyone’s problems. The parents picked up the children one by one. Liu Guiqin was full of pride. When Zhao Duofu saw Liu Guiqin carrying a bag of potatoes, he quickly stepped forward to help, and Liu Guiqin began to talk about his personal affairs again. Although Zhao Duofu also liked Somerset, he didn’t dare to see Qi Xiangqian be beaten by him last time. Liu Guiqin said that he had a niece in Jinzhou, and he was going to write a letter to her and ask her to come over. Zhao Duofu agreed with a smile. The more Qi Xiangqian thought about in the dormitory, the more depressed he went to Qiushi’s room.

Qiu Shi is drawing pictures and is too lazy to care about him. If Qi Xiangqian really regards him as a friend, he should stay away from Bai Ruoxue. Qi Xiangqian admitted frankly that he likes Bai Ruoxue, not to mention that he asked Qiushi before when dancing, they are okay, not to mention that Bai Ruoxue is not Qiushi’s wife now. Qiu Shi was in a hurry, Qi Xiangqian didn’t understand Bai Ruoxue at all, and Qi Xiangqian kept saying that a girl from a family asks for hundreds of families, and he also has the right to pursue Bai Ruoxue! Qi Xiangqian was angry, staring at the bicycle and ran to find Bai Ruoxue.

He Feng asked Qi Xiangqian when he was not in the factory building. Yu Deshui said that he was out of mind for the purpose of dealing with objects. He heard that he was still very rich, and several people didn’t plan to take care of it. Bai Ruoxue was originally preparing to perform in the background but did not see anyone, but I heard that it was Qi Xiangqian or went to meet.

Bai Ruoxue thought that Qi Xiangqian was here to watch the play, and Qi Xiangqian hesitated for a long time and took out the wrong pen. Bai Ruoxue said that it would be an honor to treasure a pen of a battle hero. Qi Qiangqian’s trouser legs opened, Bai Ruoxue eagerly wanted to take him to the backstage to make up, Qi Qiangqian refused repeatedly, and rode his bicycle back to Dabei Factory, almost making a mistake in the direction. The troupe actors could see that Qi Xiangqian liked Bai Ruoxue, and all fools knew that returning the pen was an excuse.

Qi Qiang happily returned to Dabeichang with Bai Ruoxue’s pen, Qiu Shi was full of anger outside, waiting for him to fight. Qiu Shi and Qi Xiangqian broke off for a long time and didn’t fight, Qi Xiangqian refused to do anything to him, otherwise he was bullying him.

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