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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 4 Recap

Yu Deshui scolded Liu Guiqin as soon as he got home. Liu Guiqin also blamed the aggrieved. She did something bad with kind intentions. Angrily, Shengjie packed up her things to leave, Qiushi persuaded her that Qi Xiangqian was only doing things without thinking. Shengjie was still upset, and Dabei Factory would know that she was being tricked when she was chasing forward tomorrow morning. How could she stay here! If Qi Xiangqian disagrees, he can reject her directly, but this is a bully! Qiushi asked when Somerset liked Qi forward, and concluded that Somerset still liked Qi forward.

Qi Xiangqian said that Zhao Duofu should not send the letter to Somerset. Zhao Duofu was also very angry and felt that Qi Xiangqian was clearly using him as a gunman, and Qiushi also came to help Zhao Duofu speak. How can Shengjie not be angry after being so wronged? Now that he is crying all over the dormitory, Qiu Shi and Zhao Duofu ask Qi Qiangqian to admit their mistakes, but Qi Qiangqian refuses. After all, Shengjie is so angry.

He couldn’t blow him up yet. With all helplessness, Qi Xiangqian took Zhao Duofu and went to the door of Shengjie with himself. Shengjie saw their eyes burst into flames. Since this incident, the relationship between Somerset, Zhao Duofu and Qi Xiangqian has become very embarrassing. Qi Xiangqian, a fearless and fearless person, always feels like a mouse meets a cat when he meets Somerset.

Cao Dehe became pregnant, but she was not happy in her heart. She didn’t want to sit at home and be said to be a bourgeois eldest lady, and wanted to find a job. Cao Dehe and Kong Shiju met He Feng. He Feng said that their children are the next generation of Dabei Factory. Cao Dehe made a suggestion to open a grocery store in the living area, so that you don’t have to go to the city to buy things in the future. So far, He Feng felt very good. Cao Dehe was a professional who opened a store, so He Feng wanted to make her take charge, and Cao Dehe was happy.

Bai Ruoxue has evolved from the leader of the theater to the leader, and the team leader asked her to write an application for joining the party. If there is no problem in the investigation, she can be a reserve member. When Yu Deshui saw Qi Qianqian had no breakfast, he gave him a biscuits. Yu Deshui said that his eldest is no longer young and that he should be married, and that he will let Liu Guiqin find another one another day.

Qi Xiangqian kept saying that he was devoted to technology, and Yu Deshui saw that there was someone in his heart. Qi Xiangqian and Yu Deshui said that she was the actress she met on the Korean battlefield, the most beautiful person she had ever seen, but she was stunned by a shelling before she could act. When she woke up I have returned to my country. Qi Xiangqian also told his comrades that he would never meet such a woman in his life and would rather not marry for the rest of his life. Yu Deshui said he was unreliable.

He Feng also ran to ask Qi Xiangqian to participate in the dance at night. It was time for him to ponder, but Qi Xiangqian had no choice but to agree. Lao Ma said that a lot of family members and workers have come to Dabei Factory recently, and he wants Liu Guiqin to take care of these children temporarily and become a temporary nursery. Liu Guiqin refused to mix up because she was scolded by Yu Deshui. Lao Ma thought of a way to apply for a subsidy. With money, Yu Deshui didn’t dare to bully her. Liu Guiqin thought about it for a while. When Somerset got off work, Liu Guiqin hurriedly greeted her and said that the factory would hold a sorority party in the evening and let her dress up and attend, but Somerset let her worry less about her own affairs.

Qiushi was preparing the venue in full swing, and he did not forget to ask Qi Qiangqian to attend on time tonight. Cao Dehe dressed up to go to the sorority party. Kong Shiju thought her dress was too eye-catching. The workers borrowed their phonograph to use it at the sorority party. Cao Dehe kept ordering them to be careful, saying this thing. How delicate is the child.

Zhao Duofu tidied up and prepared to go to the sorority party, but Qi Xiangqian said indifferently that he was not going, Zhao Duofu forced him to take him over. Liu Guiqin was also going to see the sorority, and Yu Deshui said that one of her family members should not make a fuss. Liu Guiqin stood up and said that she was also an independent woman, and that she would also have a job and an income tomorrow. Yu Deshui told her not to go, and Liu Guiqin was going to the factory director to evaluate together. Yu Deshui was in a hurry, and the three children stood in front of Liu Guiqin.

Qiushi and Bai Ruoxue introduced the factory, Zhao Duofu nervously prepared self-introduction on the road, and also helped Qi Xiangqian manage his facial expressions. Qiushi acted as an announcer on behalf of Dabei Factory, and Bai Ruoxue was the first to leave the factory. Qi Xiangqian looked at Bai Ruoxue on the stage and felt more familiar until Bai Ruoxue on the stage overlapped with the actress on the battlefield. Qi Xiangqian widened his eyes, swallowed and told Zhao Duofu that she was the one on the battlefield. Actress! Bai Ruoxue looked straight forward like a fairy. Kong Shiju and Cao Dehe on the side also knew her. They said they were Qiushi’s girlfriends. Qi Qiangqian was extinguished as soon as the fire was put out, and Bai Ruoxue ran out when he stepped off the stage.

Qi Xiangqian firmly believed that the person on the stage must be his sweetheart, and he was unwilling to believe that Bai Ruoxue was Qiushi’s girlfriend, so he was anxiously spinning around. Zhao Duofu asked Qi Xiangqian to ask others, but Qi Xiangqian didn’t dare. Morosov invited Bai Ruoxue to dance, and Qiushi invited Somerset upon seeing it. Qi Xiangqian came back and saw everyone dancing, Liu Guiqin directly pushed him in, Qi forward hesitated and pulled Qiushi aside, and asked him if he knew Bai Ruoxue. Qiu Shi smiled and said that they had known each other for many years, but before the issue between men and women was involved, Qi Xiangqian’s heart suddenly dropped.

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