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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 21 Recap

Xia Yu didn’t want Du Wei to be alone in Macau, so she kindly invited her to spend the Chinese New Year with her, but Du Wei said that she had friends in Macau and was still a boyfriend. Ren Yuan accompanied Hua Hin back to celebrate the New Year with his aunt. The aunt was very happy to learn that they were married, but she turned from urging marriage to giving birth to children.

Hua Hin and Ren Yuan couldn’t laugh or cry. Wu Di picked up Xiao Mo, and the two went to the pre-booked restaurant to wait for Wu Di’s parents to come. Ling Li’s attitude towards Xiao Mo was not as indifferent as before, and it could be seen that Xiao Mo was changing Ling Li’s impression and attitude towards him bit by bit.

Xiao Mo originally wanted Wu Di’s parents to order food, but Ling Li said that he would treat him today and let him order the food. Xiao Mo had to order a few dishes and added sweet lotus root to Wu Di. Ling Li wanted to drink lump soup, the waiter said sorry that this is a Cantonese restaurant, there is no lump soup she said. Ling Li got up and wanted to leave.

Xiao Mo immediately said that he would communicate, but the chef told him that he would not do it. In the end Xiao Mo decided to do it himself. When the soup came, Ling Li tasted it and found it to be pretty good. The waiter said that Xiao Mo made this pimple soup for her himself. Father Wu and Di Wu were very surprised, neither of them expected Xiao Mo to cook so well.

Even if Xia Yu took turns on New Year’s Eve, he was a lonely person when he arrived in Macau. Xia Hang was waiting for him in Macau as early as possible, saying that places with relatives are considered New Year. After the father and son had reunion dinner, Xia Yu honestly said that the scene on the plane today reminded him of the scene of his mother on the plane. He put aside his grudge and his prejudice against Xiao Mo. Xia Hang was very happy to see his son finally let go of this matter. Xia Hang also told Xia Yu that one of his good friends was Xiao Huai, and Xiao Mo was his son. He hoped from the bottom of his heart that his son could become friends with Xiao Mo, but Xia Yu said that becoming friends requires fate.

In this case, Xia Hang no longer insisted, but after returning, he needed Xia Yu to accompany him to Xiao Mo’s hometown. Xiao Mo and Wu Di’s parents met very successfully this time. Ling Li hoped that he and Wu Di could get along well and be tolerant of each other. In addition, Ling Li also knew that he was wrong last time, and hoped that Xiao Mo could apologize to his mother on his behalf. After sending away Wu Di’s parents, Wu Di takes Xiao Mo to the Love Alley in Macau. Xia Yu accidentally saw Du Wei alone and dragged her to ride the Ferris wheel. He said that he could no longer be a passive waiter, and then he went back and clarified the matter between them with Wu Di.

Xiao Mo and Wu Di sat under the blue sky. From this perspective, Macau is very beautiful. Xiao Mo expressed his feelings and confessed to Wu Di. Although Wu Di is very uncomfortable with such a romantic him, she likes it very much. Xia Hang told Xiao Mo in advance that he and his son would visit Xiao Mo’s mother later, and Xiao Mo agreed. Yu Jie went to the hospital to see the old man who fell ill at the airport, and Luo Dong also came over with dumplings. The old man was very moved. When Wu Di returned to Shenzhen, Du Wei saw her face full of joy, and guessed that Xiao Mo’s meeting with her parents went smoothly. Du Wei also told her that he had spent the year with Xia Yu.

Xiao Mo took Xia Yu and his son home to visit the New Year. After dinner, they went for a walk in the rice fields. Xiao Mo explained to Xia Hang that his father had stayed voluntarily and he didn’t need to blame himself too much. Xia Hang sighed that Xiao Mo was the same as his father, and couldn’t help but think of the little things he had with Xiao Huai back then. Listening to Xia Hang talking about these past events, Xiao Mo’s impression of his father changed from vague to concrete. Although his father gave up the rare opportunity to fly, Xia Hang is worth giving up.

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