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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 20 Recap

Wu Di checked Xiao Mo’s flight. He could fly to Macau to have dinner with his parents on New Year’s Eve. If time is late, she could even go home with Xiao Mo to dine with his mother. Xiao Mo also thought it was very good. Xiao Mo sent Wu Di to the gate of the community and asked her to go up first, then go shopping for her, and cook her a big meal to celebrate her flying smoothly today.

But I didn’t expect that Wu Di was jealous after seeing the album Li Yanbing sent him on the table, and stopped eating the big meal, and went back to eat instant noodles with Du Wei. Although there was nothing written on the card, how could she not be angry when she saw Xiao Mo as her boyfriend and other girls being ambiguous. As an outsider, Du Wei saw clearly.

She felt that Wu Di had always looked up at Xiao Mo as an idol, so after being with him, he would always suffer from gains and losses. As the Chinese New Year approached, Tao Shan called Luo Dong, Du Wei and Xia Yu. Only three of them were locals in the class, so they were allowed to rotate on New Year’s Eve. Luo Dong was unwilling, but Yu Jie quickly agreed, and Xia Yu did not object, Luo Dong could only agree in the end. Wu Di flew back to Macau today.

Xiao Mo wanted to send her. Wu Di didn’t let him send it. Xiao Mo didn’t insist. On New Year’s Eve, the plane from Shenzhen to Changsha could not take off on time due to heavy snow, and many passengers were very dissatisfied. Luo Dong and Yu Jie calmed the emotions of the passengers. Suddenly one of the passengers had epilepsy. Fortunately, Jie reacted in time and called an ambulance. Luo Dong learned later that Yu Jie’s parents are both doctors.

Xia Yu was arranged to go with Du Weifei to take charge of the flight attendant work. They didn’t deal with it at first, and Xia Yu gritted his teeth and said that he would have to trouble her. Lei Chen happened to be on this plane, and the flight attendant reminded Lu Qiwen to be cautious. Lei Chen was more picky. There are a large number of stranded passengers at the airport.

Luo Dong and Yu Jie are very anxious. The nearby hotels are full. They are temporarily unable to help the passengers stranded in the airport with their accommodation problems. Later, monitor Han Liwei, who was still working at Ctrip, came to help and solved their urgent needs. A little girl in the economy class coughed constantly, which had caused dissatisfaction among the surrounding passengers. After discussion with the flight attendants, it was decided to upgrade the mother and daughter to first class.

Lu Qiwen shied away on the grounds that he wanted to ensure flight safety, and in the end it was Lei Chen Xiao Mo went to see. Xiao Mo explained neither humble nor arrogant the reason why they were upgraded to first class. Lei Chen knew that he could not tell him, and he did not express any dissatisfaction. Because of the turbulent air flow just now, Xia Yu suddenly remembered that Xiao Mo had held himself before him and would not let him walk when the air turbulence occurred.

He suddenly understood the reason for Xiao Mo’s doing that, and said thanklessly to Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo asked that the little girl had not been to Southeast Asia recently, but to be on the safe side, Xiao Mo decided to let the medical staff on the ground come up for inspection after landing. After the examination, it was found that it was just a common cold and fever, not an infectious disease. Lu Qiwen was also very happy because his mother called him and said that his wife had given birth to a fat boy.

While staying in Shanghai on the way, Xiao Mo called Wu Di, but Wu Di was watching the Spring Festival Gala with his parents at the time and missed his call. Ren Yuan and Hua Hin returned to their hometown to accompany their aunt. This is the first time he came during the Spring Festival. The most intuitive feeling is that there are so many people during the Spring Festival. When flying from Shanghai to Macau, Xia Yu took the initiative to tell Du Wei that when he arrived in Xiamen, Du Wei could mix with herself. After hearing Du Wei’s ears, she thought Xia Yu was inviting herself to spend the New Year with him, so she showed a look of surprise.

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