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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 19 Recap

Li Yanbing put a postcard in the photo album on which she wrote a congratulatory message to Xiao Mo. Luo Dong accidentally told Wu Di about Xia Yu and Yu Jie’s going to the playground, and Xia Yu was furious when he learned about it. Xia Yu was injured in the disaster relief, and now the limelight is booming. Lu Qiwen told Vice President Lei that now is not the time to trouble him. Wu Di passed through the simulator, but Xiao Mo did not celebrate, and practiced boxing in the boxing room alone.

Ren Yuan saw the photo album in his bag and learned that Wu Di was arguing with him because of Li Yanbing. Ren Yuan’s suggestion is to let him take off his protective color from Wu Di and face Wu Di in the most sincere state. Xia Yu and Wu Di were selected to be the first observers, and they happened to fly on the same plane as Xiao Mo. The destination was Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Not long after taking off, Xia Yu deliberately wanted to make things difficult for Xiao Mo, and Wu Di took the initiative to help Xiao Mo answer. Xia Yu, Du Wei, and Wu Di waited for Xiao Mo, Du Wei deliberately pulled Xia Yu away and made Wu Di wait for Xiao Mo. Xia Yu was very dissatisfied, but she was still dragged away. At first, Du Wei said that he was going to eat, but halfway through, he changed his mind to go boating. Xia Yu couldn’t help her, so he had to accompany her on the boat.

Unfortunately, the boat had already left. The two of them quarreled and complained in the cold wind. Xiao Mo and Wu Di are dating in the restaurant. Xiao Mo frankly admits that he admires Li Yanbing in some ways, but this is not like or love. Having said this, Wu Di’s heart knot a few days ago was also opened. Xiao Mo gave Wu Di an exquisite box, and Wu Di opened it expectantly.

As a result, it was not the ring she was thinking of, but a USB flash drive. Xiao Mo put all the information about flight safety in this U disk in an orderly manner, and he felt that one day Wu Di would definitely use it. Wu Di smiled awkwardly and changed the subject, mentioning that Ren Yuan and Hua Hin had just been together for less than two months, and he had bought a diamond ring for Hua Hin. Xiao Mo said that this happened, but he felt that Ren Yuan was stupid.

It took two months to buy the diamond ring after eating instant noodles. The two discussed getting married and buying a diamond ring. Wu Di deeply felt that Xiao Mo had really low EQ at some point. She has seen someone give flowers and gifts, but she has never seen someone give a USB flash drive when they fall in love. Xiao Mo said that if she likes it, she can give her a hard drive in the future.

They rotate during the day and fly in the field at night. Wu Di and Du Taotao turn to the dispatch room, while Luo Dong and Xia Yu are turned to the maintenance department to do maintenance work. They couldn’t recognize the characters written by the captain, and Luo Dong and Xia Yu couldn’t read them clearly. Engineer Jia took this opportunity to remind them to write clearly in the future. I heard that Xiao Mo was willing to do everything when he was in the maintenance department, and Xia Yu’s stubborn temper came up. He said that Xiao Mo could do what he could do.

Engineer Jia asked them to clean the toilet on the plane. Xia Yu bit the bullet on. Xiao Mo sent Wu Di home, looking for time to invite Wu Di’s parents to dinner. At first, Ling Li refused on the grounds that he was very busy at work. Later Wu’s father helped his daughter to persuade, and Ling Li agreed to let Xiao Mo invite him to dinner when he returned to Macau.

The locomotive department arranged for Xia Yu to do tiring and hard work, but Xia Yu did not complain. He felt that Xiao Mo could do it himself. When Tong Yuan and Yu Jie were rotating at the airport, they encountered a disabled person in a wheelchair. They were responsible for taking him to the boarding gate. They accidentally learned that he was also a pilot. Wu Di’s flight went smoothly, and Xiao Mo specially bought her a chocolate-flavored cake as a reward. Wu Di said that Xiao Mo could invite his parents to dinner during the New Year. But during the New Year, Xiao Mo has to accompany his mother.

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