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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 26 Recap

Minggu said that the Su family decided to go to Biandu to start again, and asked if the shopkeepers would like to follow, and the shopkeepers are willing to follow. Xie Xiaoman found Li Su and gave Xie Ruying’s letter to him, and the two went to the Fengxue Pavilion to chat. Xie Xiaoman asked what happened to Li Su’s family. Li Su said that he had a lot of quarrels with his father in the past.

He always felt that many things he did were wrong. He felt that the officialdom was not innocent, but this time he went back and watched him helplessly. The guest building collapsed from the high-rise banquet, and I realized that many things are not so important to the father and son.

He is his father and not the enemy, but it is good to have no family in the future. Although it is a commoner, he can continue to indulge in the landscape. Follow your own path to repair your own book. Li Su asked Princess Xie Xiaoman if Princess Pu embarrassed her. Xie Xiaoman said that Princess Pu came this time to let her leave Zhao Xiaoqian. At first she was unhappy, but then her grandmother left Su Chang and even her elder brother almost had an accident, she agreed. , But she didn’t know her inner answer until she left.

The government brought people to seal the academy again, and Yan Boyang took the lead to stop the arrest, and the classmates followed to the government office. The mountain leader took the gentlemen to stop, the mountain leader asked them to think twice, and the mountain leader told them not to shout loudly. The mountain leader turned and entered the palace. Shan Chang came in to ask the students for orders, and Master Yan agreed to Shan Chang’s request to let them take the exam. Ming Gu came to Yan Boyang to care about how he was doing and told him about leaving. Yan Boyang ran out anxiously. Yan Boyang asked her if she could go. Ming Gu said that she was Su Changji’s young boss and she had to take up this responsibility.

Zhao Xiaoqian rushed to Tengzhou and saw Fu Weng’s left hand was gone. Zhao Xiaoqian asked him what happened that year. Fu Weng remembered that it was an autumn. The king of the county put the paper kite on the sky in Ouchi to let the prince and the princess see it, but the paper kite broke in a strong wind. The broken paper kite fell to the Kunning Hall, just in front of the Queen Empress. The Empress Empress was shocked and gave birth to a dead baby that night. The imperial physician said that the fetus had been dead for many days, but the Empress could not accept this.

Everything, she felt that all this was done by the princess, and the empress was a little lost in losing her beloved son, so the Lord Yongguo pleaded guilty for the princess. For so many years, the empress Niangniang has been monitoring him under the guise of Puwangfu. In order to make him meet, Lingniang let his mother come, just to prevent Zhao Xiaoqian from revenge and to keep him under her control forever.

Zhao Xiaoqian decided to follow General Xu to fight and win military power and return triumphantly. General Xu agreed. The last exam at Bailu Academy is over. The leader of the mountain gave them the last lesson. The gentleman respects his life and thinks twice. Since the preaching of Bailu Academy, what the leader hopes most is that every student who comes out of the academy will be A gentleman of Zhongzheng Lishi. The mountain leader often tells them that as students, they must always remember to stand up for the heaven and the earth, for the life of the people, for the sacred learning, and for the peace for all ages, but in this peace, it is themselves that should be explored.

Mr. Liu approached Xie Xiaoman and asked her about her future plans. Xie Xiaoman said that he would also go to Biandu to help out at Weizi’s shop. When Mr. Liu learned that she was also going to Biandu, he invited her to teach and compile female history together. Xie Xiaoman was very happy. accepted. Xie Xiaoman opened the book that Li Su sent her and saw the letter Li Su wrote to her. The letter stated that he was pleased with Xiaoman and asked her to meet at Leqiao Market on New Year’s Day.

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