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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 25 Recap

Su Tingshan also submitted the separation agreement between his late father Su Feihuan and his brother Su Feiyun, which clearly stated the ownership of Su Changji. The master verified that the agreement was indeed written by Su Feiyun, Zhao Xiaoqian stood up and said that if the separation agreement is true, why didn’t Su Tingshan submit it directly when submitting the complaint, but waited until the situation was unfavorable Only then reluctantly took it out, there must be a problem in this matter.

Master Yan said that it was an exception that Lord Guo was neither the plaintiff nor the witness of the case waiting here for the hearing, but he disturbed the trial without authorization, Master Yan invited Zhao Xiaoqian out of the court. Mrs. Su sent someone to tell Yuzi that the document in Su Tingshan’s hand was not signed or escorted, but the content drafted back then was not a real separation agreement, and did not have any clerical functions. It was just waste paper in Su Feiyun’s study. Picked up by Su Tingshan. Master Yan sentenced Su Changji to Su Tingshan, and Mrs. Su passed away and Su Changji was gone, and Weizi was hit hard.

Xie Xiaoman went to see Princess Pu. Xie Xiaoman asked her if the Su family’s case was bought by someone from the government or if she was a troublemaker. The princess admitted that Xie Xiaoman was very angry and was about to step forward and was stopped by Mother Zhu. The princess admitted that Zhong Ziyan’s affairs were also done by her.

She took out the jade pendant of Xie Xiaoman’s brother and threatened Xie Xiaoman if he was still obsessed with marrying Hanchen, then she could not keep him. The princess asked Xie Xiaoman to leave Zhao Xiaoqian. Xie Xiaoman was very angry and pushed the princess and cursed her as disgusting. Xie Xiaoman asked Shi Deng’er to tell Zhao Xiaoqian that she would be waiting for her by the Xushui River tomorrow, and Shi Deng’er relayed her words.

The next day, Xie Xiaoman and Zhao Xiaoqian met. Xie Xiaoman asked to leave him. They would not meet again after they got married. Zhao Xiaoqian asked Xie Xiaoman anxiously what was going on. Xie Xiaoman said that if the Su family’s lawsuit was lost, the old lady would go and her brother would go to jail. The matter between them was not only related to them but also to others.

The head of the mountain told the gentlemen about the closure of the Bailu Academy. The gentlemen were a little sad, and the gentlemen asked the head of the mountain to not blame himself. The gentlemen all said about their future plans. Mr. Liu planned to go to Biandu to open a women’s college to teach the world’s women in the world. Li Su decided to go to the south to study.

Zhao Xiaoqian discovered that the death of Lord Yong Guo had something to do with the queen, and he approached Fu Weng to find out the cause of his brother’s death. The verdict was changed to Su’s business, shop, family property, houses, mulberry fields, and farmhouses in Tongzhou and Wujiang Mansion, all of which were seized by Su Tingshan.

Mr. Liu said the ladies who searched Jingnv Pavilion about the closure of the college, and the students asked why. Mr. Liu said that although they are women, they can read and hyphenate. She hopes that they can continue to work hard, be diligent and cautious, and win a good future for themselves. The husband informed the students that the college was about to be closed, and the government brought people to seal up the college. The students stopped at the door and drove away the government officials.

Xie Xiaoman asked if Ming Gu and Yan Boyang really didn’t deal with each other anymore. Ming Gu knew that it was not Yan Boyang’s problem. But in this situation, she couldn’t let her mother support Su Changji herself. She had to help her, so she and Yan Boyang could only help her. That’s it. Su Huazhong called a few big shopkeepers to tell them that Su Chang’s record was terrible, and she took out her personal banknotes and let several people divide their lives.

One of them asked Su Huazhong what he planned to do next. If they wanted to open a new village, they would not leave and just follow her. Ming Gu asked to go to Bian to start again. Her mother knows best what kind of satin silk is in her hand and she knows how dense it is when she touches it. His father’s careful accounting can help calculate the income and expenditure, and she can also learn to operate and help. Manage business.

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