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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 33 Recap

Zhao Yuxi and Liu Fugui came under the big locust tree in the morning to show off to the villagers that they had planned to remove Li Jian’an. Zhao Yuxi and Liu Fugui called Feng Jinbao to discuss the appointment of members of the next village committee. Zhao Yuxi asked Feng Jinbao to continue to be an accountant. Liu Fugui asked to join the village committee. Zhao Yuxi asked him to take over Liu Haitang’s work for women. Feng Jinbao questioned, Zhao Yuxi felt that something was wrong with him.

That night, Feng Jinbao tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. He and Zhao Meifeng discussed about running for the village director, and Zhao Meifeng fully supported him. Both Liu Haitang and Li Jianping persuaded Li Jian’an to go out and make a foray, not to be embarrassed at the village meeting. Li Jian’an was already in his chest. Zhang Zihao then came to Houshigou Village, and Li Jian’an suddenly had a backbone.

Li Jian’an broadcasted a notice on the loudspeaker. At 8 pm Zhang Zihao invited the villagers to the basketball court to watch the movie “The Return of the Great Sage” for free. After the movie was over, a magnificent investment plan would be announced. Li Jian’an called on the villagers to participate actively and promised to Everyone is well paid.

When Sun Guangming heard the notice, he brought Xu Youyi directly to Master Zhang Zihao to inquire about the crime. He was not allowed to take this opportunity to confuse people. Zhang Zihao promised to guarantee that his plan would benefit the countryside and would receive support from the villagers. . The villagers watched the movie on time, and Sun Guangming and Xu Youyou stood aside to finish watching. Zhang Zihao showed the villagers his grand blueprint in Houshigou Village. He wants to completely overthrow the original farming culture and build a large farm integrating planting, breeding and tourism, promising to give each villager five times the profit .

Sun Guangming saw that Zhang Zihao came prepared this time and made careful planning. Zhang Zihao publicly announced that he had specially invited experts from Europe. He also thanked Xu Youyou and Li Jian’an for their help. With this great plan, Zhang Zihao wanted to spend 200 million yuan to build a large farm, one of which was to purchase the land in Houshigou Village and lease it for 20 years at once. He also promised to hire villagers to work as workers at the farm. With the same wages as the people in the city, the villagers can live the same life as the people in the city. The villagers cheered happily and unanimously applauded Zhang Zihao.

Zhang Zihao solemnly introduced Li Jian’an as the CEO of Da Nongzhuang. Li Jian’an came to the stage and delivered an impassioned debriefing speech, guaranteeing a generous rental fee for each family. Li Jian’an urged the villagers to think about whether he should be deposed tomorrow, villagers Li Jianan and Zhang Zihao were thoroughly brainwashed and applauded for them together.

Sun Guangming listened to Li Jian’an and Zhang Zihao’s plan and fell into deep thought. He couldn’t sleep at night and sat alone in the yard. Xu Youyi looked anxious in his eyes. She saw Sun Guangming for the first time. Anxious and self-blaming, Sun Guangming exposed to the face that Xu was the only accomplice of Zhang Zihao.

Xu Youyou repeatedly apologized to him and admitted that Zhang Zihao had signed a confidential contract in advance. She did not dare to tell Sun Guangming the truth. Otherwise, she would have to pay three times the salary. Zhang Zihao would also sue her. Sun Guangming was very distressed. Zhang Zihao’s plan overturned his efforts and dedication since he took office. Xu Youwei was heartbroken, but just kept apologizing.

Zhao Yuxi and Liu Fugui’s carefully planned plan to overthrow Li Jian’an was completely undermined. The two of them were desperate and were unwilling to admit defeat. Zhao Yuxi called on Liu Fugui to mobilize the villagers to support the removal of Li Jian’an from house to house overnight, and then asked Zhao Yuxi to be the village director, so Zhang Zihao had to find him to cooperate. Zhao Yuxi promised to let Liu Fugui be the deputy general manager and Liu Fugui after the incident was completed. Naturally, I cannot ask for it.

Liu Fugui and Zhao Yuxi first came to Feng Jinbao and asked him to find the villagers whose names were fingerprinted on the joint letter, and let them unite tomorrow to depose Li Jian’an. Feng Jinbao did a simple calculation beforehand. Their family can get 750,000 yuan in compensation. Feng Jinbao didn’t want to mix up with them. Zhao Meifeng lied that Feng Jinbao’s foot was sprained. Zhao Yuxi had to give up, but gave him a thousand warnings and let him tomorrow. Zhao Meifeng fully agreed to support the removal of Li Jian’an.

The village meeting was held on time, and Mayor Zhao also came to attend. Sun Guangming announced the theme of the meeting to discuss the villagers’ joint dismissal of Li Jian’an. Zhao Yuxi and Liu Fugui were late in coming. They bit on one thing, Li Without discussing with the leaders of the two village committees in advance, Jian’an cooperated with Zhang Zihao to build a large farm without authorization.

Li Jianan admitted that he misappropriated the money from the company’s donations to repair the canal, and also caused the election of the star village. He admitted all the charges in the petition and only pleaded one. It was all for the villagers to live a good life. Li Jianan bowed deeply to admit his mistakes and asked for his removal, so he could take Zhang Zihao’s money to other villages to prepare for the construction of large farms.

Liu Fugui and Zhao Yuxi were dumbfounded when they heard Li Jian’an’s words. Villagers of different surnames stood up and struggled to keep Li Jian’an. Several people in the old Zhao’s family also supported Li Jian’an as the village director. Zhao Yuxi called them traitors, and they exposed them in public. Zhao Yuxi went from house to house to mobilize and hungry last night. Zhao Yuxi was furious and rushed to fight with them. Sun Guangming saw that the scene was gradually getting out of control, so he hurriedly stood up to stop Zhao Yuxi.

Sun Guangming asked the villagers to show their hands to vote. Only Zhao Yuxi raised his hand to remove Li Jian’an. Liu Fugui also abstained. Sun Guangming announced that Zhao Yuxi’s proposal was rejected and Li Jian’an continued to be the village director.

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