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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 32 Recap

Xu Youyou lay on Sun Guangming’s back, and through Jiu Jin showed his love to him, admitting that he had liked Sun Guangming a long time ago. Sun Guangming thought it was drunken talk and didn’t take it seriously. It took Sun Guangming a lot of effort to carry Xu Youyou back to the barn and settle her to sleep before leaving without worry.

Xu Youyi woke up early in the morning and saw Sun Guangming with a straight face. He didn’t know what happened last night. Sun Guangming only accused Xu Youyou for being unconscious and vomiting him all over. Xu Youyou drank a piece of it, totally. If you don’t remember these, Sun Guangming is even more angry. Zhang Zihao and Yue Lan came to say goodbye to Sun Guangming, and they returned to the city together.

Suddenly, Sun Guangming received a call from Secretary Yu. Secretary Yu was full of praise for the Haiqing tea advertisement shot by Sun Guangming and encouraged him to continue to shine in Houshigou Village. At this moment, Feng Jinbao hurried to find Sun Guangming for a meeting of the village committee. Group leader Chi announced the results of the selection.

Houshigou Village was unsuccessful because of fraud, and Sun Guangming was given a warning. Team leader Chi found the big sign of Star Village at the entrance of the village, and then verbally criticized Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming learned that it was Zhao Yuxi and Liu Fugui who erected the monument and promised to remove it as soon as possible.

Sun Guangming asked Yimin and Feng Jinbao to find someone to take down the signboard. They didn’t want to do it. Sun Guangming had to take it down personally. The villagers were all watching at the entrance of the village. Houshigou Village missed the honor of the star village, and everyone felt uneasy. Feng Jinbao simply calculated that the direct loss caused by the election of the star village was as high as 150,000. Zhao Meifeng, Zhao Liying and others were filled with outrage and asked the Yimin to fight for them on their behalf. The Yimin just sat on the ground and sighed.

The grandmother arrived tremblingly. She taught Zhao Yuxi a severe lesson. Houshigou Village has been an advanced village in history and has never been behind. Not only the villagers can’t accept it, but the grandmother also feels distressed. Came to comfort the old grandmother, but persuaded her to leave.

Zhao Yuxi became more and more angry as he thought about it. He pushed all the responsibility for losing the election to Li Jian’an and called on everyone to find him to settle the accounts. The villagers were very excited, and Li Jianan suddenly appeared. He publicly declared that he has been fighting for the star village since he became the village director. After racking his brains and unscrupulous means, he didn’t want to do this anymore, so he took the initiative to confess all the mistakes to the selection team.

Li Jianan repeatedly claimed that he had found a better project and wanted to lead the villagers to live a better life. Everyone didn’t buy it at all. They kept rushing to find Li Jian’an to settle their accounts. They unanimously demanded that Li Jian’an be removed. The Yimin desperately blocked him. The villagers stunned the Yimin to the hospital. Sun Guangming came to the hospital after hearing the news. Zhiyimin suffered a cerebral infarction because of anxiety.

Xichun helped Li Jianan clean up the garbage in front of the door. Liu Fugui advised her not to do these things. The villagers would continue to throw garbage, and Xichun continued to clean up regardless. Zhao Yuxi came and forced Li Jian’an to move out within three days to vacate Guilan’s old house. Xichun feels sorry for Li Jianan, but Li Jianan disagrees. He firmly believes that the villagers will be admired soon, and he can’t wait to tell Xichun his grand blueprint.

Zhao Yuxi and Liu Fugui got together to write a report, listing Li Jian’an’s many crimes. Feng Jinbao looked at it from beginning to end, and pointed out that the evidence was not reliable. Feng Jinbao gave the idea to ask Zhao Yuxi to ask the villagers to jointly write a letter to remove Li Jian’an. . Zhao Yuxi visited from house to house overnight, and most of the villagers signed the joint letter.

Sun Guangming stayed with Yimin in the hospital all night. Xu Meiyi drove to pick him up early in the morning. As soon as Sun Guangming returned to the barn, Zhao Yuxi handed him the petition signed and fingerprinted by the villagers. Sun Guangming learned that this was Zhao Yuxi. The results of a busy night can’t help but look at him with admiration. Sun Guangming took the petition to the meeting of the two village committees for discussion. Li Jianan insisted that someone was instigating behind the scenes. Liu Fugui and Zhao Yuxi did not have such a high level of education, and the evidence in it was only known to insiders. Li Jianan It is suspected that Feng Jinbao drafted the petition, and Feng Jinbao defended it in every possible way.

Liu Haitang persuaded Li Jian’an to resign. Li Jian’an was not reconciled and strongly demanded to convene a meeting of all villagers. He wanted to defend at the meeting. Sun Guangming couldn’t think of a better way. He reluctantly agreed to Li Jian’an’s request and used a loudspeaker. Publicly announce this to the villagers.

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