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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 3 Recap

Kong Shiju made a table of meals to entertain Soviet expert Morosov and factory leaders, and also brought out a good wine that had been stored for several years. Qi Xiangqian asked Qiushi about drawing and asked him to be his own teacher. Qiushi said that there was a condition for him to pay attention to personal hygiene, and then smiled and started teaching him to draw. Qiu Shi felt that Somerset Qi Qiang had ideas, but Qi Qiang had no interest, saying that they were comrades-in-arms.

Qiu Shi felt that the two of them were really good match, but Qi Qiang could not make a locomotive and didn’t want this. He Feng thanked Morosov and the Soviet Union for its help to China. Everyone toasted to the first steam car in the factory. When Qi Xiangqian heard the excitement in the next room, he knew that He Feng was hosting Molossov in Kong Shi’s family banquet.

Somerset met Qi Xiangqian’s package downstairs and took it along the way. Liu Guiqin greeted them to go to Kong Shi’s family as soon as possible, where it was always lively. Somerset and Qiu Shi both went, and Qi Xiangqian opened the package sent by his mother. His mother was very happy to hear that he had entered the big factory, but she didn’t want to hold Qi Xiangqian back, so she didn’t agree to live there. Qi Xiangqian ate the big red dates sent by his mother, feeling a little sad. Accompanied by the sound of the piano, Qiushi, Somerset and others danced. Qiushi still wanted to pull Liu Guiqin to dance together, but Liu Guiqin left with disgust.

Qi Xiangqian gave Liu Guiqin’s family a handful of dates, and the three children caught a lot of them. Liu Guiqin asked Qi Xiangqian how old he was, and Qi Xiangqian answered that he was thirty. Hearing that he had no siblings, Liu Guiqin immediately confided that he should think about himself. Liu Guiqin asked Qi Xiangqian how Shengjie was, but Qi Xiangqian never thought about it, and threatened not to create a locomotive. In the evening, Qi looked forward at the flower handkerchief, and his mind was full of the girl that he had met on the battlefield, Bai Ruoxue. At that time, Qi forward covered Bai Ruoxue, and he was blown out.

Liu Guiqin came to the Sanitation Department to find Somerset, and said that she had something to do with her. Qi Xiangqian’s comrade-in-arms Zhao Duofu also came to Dabei Factory, and they cried and laughed when they met. Qi looked forward to Zhao Duofu wearing a hat, teasing that he must tell the story about his hair. Liu Guiqin was here to pull the line between Somerset and Qi Xiangqian. Somerset was a bit shy. Liu Guiqin asked her to put her heart in her stomach and decided to let them meet in the afternoon. Liu Guiqin settled the matter fiercely, and turned to inform Qi forward.

Qi Xiangqian took Zhao Duofu to the dormitory. Seeing that he was back, Liu Guiqin quickly told him about Somerset, but Qi Xiangqian hadn’t considered it clearly yet. Zhao Duofu and Liu Guiqin lobbied together and asked Qi Xiangqian to talk to Somerset. Qi Xiangqian decided to write a letter to Somerset and asked Zhao Duofu to send it there. Bai Ruoxue went to the Dabei Factory to find Qiushi, and the bureau called on them to perform among the workers and peasants. Therefore, Bai Ruoxue wanted to come to the Dabei Factory to show condolences. Qiushi hurriedly took her to find He Feng. Bai Ruoxue also mentioned that she had been to North Korea to show condolences. The performance made Qiushi admire her.

Qi Xiangqian wrote the letter and found a photo of Somerset for Zhao Duofu. Zhao Duofu didn’t want to go, his eyes were straight when he saw her photo. Zhao Duofu guessed that Qi Xiangqian had someone in his heart, 100% of whom were the actresses who came to show condolences at the time. Qi Xiangqian felt that they would not see him in the next life. After all, he was like a toad to others. Zhao Duofu asked Qi Xiangqian to go and talk to Shengjie clearly. Qi Xiangqian fooled him to send the letter, maybe Shengjie fell in love with him!

Yu Deshui heard that Liu Guiqin had acted as a matchmaker for Somerset and Qi Xiangqian, saying that she was not doing human affairs, and scolding her for making a mess of mandarin ducks, and Liu Guiqin aggrieved, after all, Qi Xiangqian was his apprentice. Qi Xiangqian asked Zhao Duofu to meet with Somerset. It was obviously not authentic. What would let others do? Yu Deshui asked Liu Guiqin to catch Somerset back quickly. Even if Qi Xiangqian didn’t like them, he had to speak clearly by himself. Somerset was about to meet at the appointed place. Kong Shiju and Cao Dehe came to see the doctor suddenly. After hearing about the symptoms, Somerset said she should have had it, and told them to go to the hospital to see it.

When Somerset was about to enter the city, he met Qiushi and Bai Ruoxue, and Qiushi introduced them to each other. Liu Guiqin heard from Kong Shiju that Somerset had just walked to catch up, but Qiushi said that she had just left by car. Zhao Duofu met a few crows on the way into the city, and muttered that it was not a good sign.

At the pavilion, Shengjie happily waited forward with two candied haws, unexpectedly waiting for Zhao Duofu. Zhao Duofu introduced himself as soon as he came up. When Somerset was wondering, Zhao Duofu took out Qi Xiangqian’s letter. After Shengjie opened it, he was very angry. Zhao Duofu stammered to help Qi forward and explained that he had another meaning. You can think about him. Shengjie was so angry that Zhao Duofu beat him away.

In the workshop, Yu Deshui said that Qi Qiangqian asked Zhao Duofu to reject Somerset’s immorality. The matter between men and women is a private matter, and letting others reject others means disrespecting them. At this time, Somerset came to the workshop and waved his hammer over, Qi Xiangqian was so scared that he climbed onto the cabinet, Yu Deshui quickly stopped Qi Xiangqian to apologize to Shengjie. Shengjie looked forward bitterly, leaving a sentence I hate you forever.

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