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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 14 Recap

It’s New Year, every household is preparing for the New Year, and Lu Miao’s family is no exception. Lu Miao came to the door of Jiang Haoyue’s house and wanted to invite him to play in his own house. However, no one responded when he knocked on the door, and the payment was overdue. On the other side, Jiang Haoyue came to the door of the Public Security Bureau to wait for her father. It turned out that Jiang’s father was imprisoned in the Public Security Bureau because of his participation in a small gambling game. Jiang Haoyue was helpless seeing his father not doing his job properly and not repenting.

The New Year was a happy day, but Lu Miao’s mother received the news of the layoffs and did not tell her family about it. Lu Miao felt her mother’s unhappiness, but she didn’t know why. After the New Year’s Eve dinner, Lu Miao and Jiang Haoyue went out together to set off fireworks. She drank the rice wine secretly obtained from her grandmother.

After drinking two sips, she became drunk, dizzy and jealous of the relationship between Jiang Haoyue and Su Daifei. I kept saying that I played the game very well, and that it was difficult to learn. I also hope that Jiang Haoyue will take the moon off and give it to herself, saying that he knows that Jiang Haoyue likes herself, and I hope he can say this personally. .

After returning to her home that night, Jiang Haoyue recalled that she had also had a very happy time at home, but then because his father was gambled, his mother left, and the family was separated like this. In the early morning of the next day, he was talking on the phone with his mother. His father found him and Jiang’s father took the phone away. Grandpa Lu Miao secretly gave Jiang Haoyue a red envelope, saying that Lu Miao also had red envelopes and wanted a bowl of water to be smooth.

Lu Miao’s parents sent grandma and grandfather back to their hometown. Only Lu Miao was left in the family. They were finally liberated. On the same day, they went to the Chuanchuan store to buy a lot of things that his mother would not allow her to eat. On the other side, Shi Che discussed with the boss in a small bookstore what kind of guy girls like, and learned how to improve his emotional intelligence in front of girls.

After learning the knowledge, he would practice his hands immediately. When Xie Ziye came to return the book by chance, Shi Che said to her to practice. Lu Miao invited all his friends to come to his house for a party. However, Xie Ziye and others had their own things to do, only Shi Che was free. Shi Che began to feel complacent and could have another chance to date with Lu Miao alone tonight.

There was heavy rain that night, and Lu Miao had a stomachache and fever because of eating too many messy things. Jiang Haoyue came to take care of her. She was very uncomfortable. The ambulance was unable to arrive in time because of traffic jams on a rainy day. Jiang Haoyue had no choice but to Enduring the discomfort of his legs on a rainy day, Lu Miao went to the hospital on his back. On the road, Jiang Haoyue, who was originally inconvenient for one leg, fell, and even Lu Miao fell to the ground.

At this time, Shi Che, who happened to be invited to Lu Miao’s house for a gathering, saw this situation and hurriedly took Lu Miao back. He was sent to the hospital. Seeing Shi Che’s back of Lu Miao away, Jiang Haoyue suddenly began to reflect that she was a disabled person and could not even take Lu Miao to the hospital on a rainy day. How could she like her and give her a future.

Jiang Haoyue called her mother about Lu Miao’s illness and was hospitalized, and said that she did not send Lu Miao to the hospital, but Shice sent her there. Jiang Haoyue recalled the night when her mother left when she was a child, she accidentally chased the car and was injured by Lu Miao’s father who was driving, and she lost a leg ever since. After hearing the news, father and mother Lu saw Jiang Haoyue who was in the rain at the entrance of the hospital. Father Lu hurriedly got out of the car and opened an umbrella for him. Jiang Haoyue, who had endured for a long time at this time, finally talked about her grief and unwillingness. After coming out, if there wasn’t a bump from Father Lu, his life wouldn’t be what it is now.

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