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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 31 Recap

Sun Guangming tried to persuade Li Jian’an not to hurt the villagers’ hearts. Li Jian’an insisted on seeking truth from facts and repeatedly claimed that for Sun Guangming’s political achievements, Sun Guangming no longer reluctantly. The selection team came to the village. Li Jianan prosecuted the group leader Chi that he had misappropriated the money for the construction of the canal, and desperately praised Sun Guangming for leading the villagers to repair the canal. Feng Jinbao whispered Li Jianan as a traitor, and the leader Chi felt that Li Jianan’s account was very difficult. Seriously, I want to go back and study it.

The villagers were very dissatisfied with what Li Jian’an had done and criticized him. Liu Haitang heard everyone’s comments and could only hide away. Li Jianan opened the door early in the morning and saw that the door was full of rubbish. He gritted his teeth with anger. The villagers shunned Li Jianan wherever he went, and Liu Fugui spit at him.

When Li Jianan went to the supermarket to buy things, Zhao Meifeng wanted to charge 250 yuan. Li Jianan knew that she was deliberate, so he argued with Zhao Meifeng. Zhao Meifeng cursed at him. Feng Jinbao came to fight after hearing the news and urged Li Jianan to leave as soon as possible, so as not to arouse public anger. Sun Guangming learned that the garbage was thrown by Zhao Liying and others, so she persuaded her, Zhao Liying sneered at Li Jian’an’s actions, and Sun Guangming asked Zhao Liying to send messages in the group, not allowing women to throw garbage at the door of Li Jian’an.

Zhao Yuxi rushed to find Sun Guangming and asked him to take the opportunity to overthrow Li Jian’an. Li Jian’an came afterwards. He complained to Sun Guangming and suspected that Zhao Yuxi was behind the scenes. Zhao Yuxi shouted at him, and Sun Guangming hurriedly stopped Zhao Yuxi. He was not allowed to engage in infighting, and drove him away in a few words. Sun Guangming promised to find some people to help Li Jianan clean up the garbage tomorrow, but he politely declined.

Li Qinghetuo sent Sun Guangming the handmade tea made by students in Houshigou Village. Sun Guangming tasted it carefully. He felt that the students had already become apprentices. He was very happy and couldn’t wait to sell this batch of tea. Xu only came up with an idea. When shooting a costume propaganda film, Sun Guangming learned the lessons of the past and decided not to spend money on advertising. Xu Youyi recommended Sun Guangming to play the leading role of Su Dongpo. She wanted to play the leading role of the tea girl in the Song Dynasty, but Sun Guangming asked Yue Lan to play the role. As a director and photographer, Xu Youyi dared not speak up.

Zhang Zihao brought Yue Lan to the beach to enjoy the fireworks. Yue Lan learned that all this was carefully arranged by Zhang Zihao, and immediately lost his interest. At that moment, Sun Guangming called Yue Lan and asked her to play the Tea Girl of the Song Dynasty for free. Yue Lan promised to start filming the morning after tomorrow. Sun Guangming asked Yue Lan to borrow Song Dynasty clothing. Yue Lan jokes that he is too stingy, and Zhang Zihao decided the day after tomorrow. Go with Yue Lan.

On the day of the filming, many villagers came to watch the excitement. Zhang Zihao sent Yue Lan to Houshigou Village on time, and ridiculed Sun Guangming. Yue Lan and Sun Guangming finished their makeup and put on clothes from the Song Dynasty. Xu Weiyi praised Sun Guangming was in place, satirizing Yue Lan’s indecent dress, Zhang Zihao tried his best to defend Yue Lan. Sun Guangming knew that Xu Youyi was deliberately looking for faults and urged her to hurry up and shoot, and Xu Youyou had to give up.

At the beginning of the filming, Sun Guangming and Yue Lan sat opposite each other. Zhao Liying and the women in the village shouted out Sun Guangming, sending Qiubo to him and expressing their love loudly. Feng Jinbao whispered that Sun Guangming and Yue Lan were once lovers. I couldn’t bear it, stopped them loudly, carried the camera to the opposite side of Sun Guangming, and only photographed the front of him. Zhang Zihao was strongly dissatisfied. Yue Lan pours tea to Sun Guangming affectionately, and the two of them drink tea together, and then take a stroll in the tea garden.

At the end of the filming, Sun Guangming urged Xu Yiyi to post the video clip to Weibo and the official account as soon as possible. Zhang Zihao couldn’t wait to take Yue Lan back to the city. Yue Lan wanted to stay in Sun Guangming’s bed and have a good rest, Zhang Zihao had to stay. Come down to accompany her. That night, Sun Guangming made porridge with his own hands and added Haiqing tea specially. Yue Lan’s appetite was very appetizing. Sun Guangming thanked her for her help. Yue Lan felt that Sun Guangming became more and more like the first secretary, and the two of them talked more and more. Speculation, Zhang Zihao saw this scene, feeling sour and inconvenient to interrupt, so he went out for a stroll.

Zhang Zihao saw the edited video of Xu Youyi hiding in Zhao Liying’s homestay. Xu Youyou didn’t want to see Sun Guangming and Yue Lan. Zhang Zihao saw Xu Youyou’s intentions for Sun Guangming and encouraged her to pursue happiness bravely and don’t give up lightly. , Xu Youyou asked him to take a drink to soothe his sorrows, but he didn’t think it was too much to drink, so he fisted with him. Xu Youyou lost many times in a row, and soon became drunk and unconscious.

Zhang Zihao called Sun Guangming to pick up Xu Youyou, and Sun Guangming asked him to send Xu Youyou back. Xu Youyou claimed to be a stray dog ​​from Sun Guangming’s family and insisted on letting him pick him up. Sun Guangming could only bite the bullet and come forward. He tried his best to take Xu Youyi away. Xu Youyou lied that her feet were unsteady and asked Sun Guangming to carry her back. Sun Guangming had to do it.

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