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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 30 Recap

Sun Guangming came to Li Jian’an and Liu Haitang and asked them to mobilize the villagers to voluntarily repair the canal. Li Jian’an excused that they had important things to do and asked Sun Guangming and Liu Haitang to lead the villagers to repair the canal first. Sun Guangming was no longer reluctant, so he went to find others. Member of the village committee.

Li Jianan hurried to find Zhang Zihao. Zhang Zihao showed him a real-life plan to build Houshigou Village and Haiqing Village into a modern large-scale agricultural manor integrating planting, breeding and tourism. Li Jianan was amazed. This is Zhang Zihao’s blueprint for European experts to help in the planning and design. Li Jianan was worried that Sun Guangming would object. Zhang Zihao promised to give him a million annual salary and let him become the CEO of the agricultural park. Li Jianan was immediately moved.

Zhao Yuxi called several representatives of the old Zhao family together overnight, and asked them to summon everyone from the old Zhao family to gather under the big locust tree at nine o’clock tomorrow. Sun Guangming broadcasted a notice early in the morning, calling on the villagers to rush to repair the canal.

As soon as Sun Guangming arrived at the canal, Yimin brought all the party members in the village, Liu Haitang and the members of the pancake club came, and Zhao Liying also took the owner of the hotel. Sun Guangming was very pleased when he got up to work and asked the Yimin to direct everyone in the construction.

The people of the old Zhao family came to gather under the big locust tree on time. Zhao Yuxi did not allow them to participate in the work of building the canal, and did not want to wipe Li Jian’an’s buttocks. Liu Fugui called on everyone to first pull Li Jian’an down and recommend Zhao Yuxi to be the village head. Let’s go to repair the canal together.

Sun Guangming discovered that only Zhao Liying from Zhao’s family came to work in the canal. Feng Jinbao heard that Zhao Yuxi secretly contacted Zhao’s family for a secret meeting last night, so he hurriedly went to Zhao Yushan to file a complaint. Zhao Yushan arrived in time and gave Zhao Yuxi a severe lesson, and asked the old Zhao family to rush to repair the canal.

Liu Fugui excused that he was weak and couldn’t do farm work. Zhao Yushan sneered at him. Liu Fugui had to rush to the construction site. Zhao Yuxi pretended that he had a backache and didn’t want to work. Zhang Zihao took Li Jian’an to visit several large agricultural industrial parks. Li Jian’an was eye-opening. Zhang Zihao had high hopes for him, and he wanted to hand over the Houshigou Village Agricultural Park to him.

Old Zhao’s family came to work together in the canal. Feng Jinbao asked Sun Guangming for credit, claiming that it was all his credit. Zhao Yuxi was late and even lied that he came on the initiative, and Sun Guangming asked him to work hard. Zhang Zihao was worried that Sun Guangming and the people in the village opposed the establishment of an agricultural park. Li Jianan promised to go all out to help Zhang Zihao, and the two hit it off.

Zhao Yuxi and Liu Fugui did not work, they yelled with loud speakers to cheer for the old Zhao family. Sun Guangming hurriedly grabbed the loudspeaker and encouraged everyone to do their best. Liu Fugui publicly announced that this labor was sponsored by him, Sun Guangming. Let Zhao Yuxi and Liu Fugui work with everyone, and they both found excuses to avoid.

The canal project was finally successfully completed. Yimin suggested that the party members take photos. Li Jianan hurried over, Sun Guangming greeted him to take a photo. Feng Jinbao mocked Li Jianan and Zhao Yuxi wanted to hold Li Jianan accountable for delaying the repair of the canal. Sun Guangming persuaded Zhao Yuxi. Don’t make any extravagances, Li Jian’an promised to apologize at the meeting the day after tomorrow. He excused that the family had left beforehand.

Li Jian’an lobbied the villagers everywhere. As long as they continue to vote for him as the village director, he promised to give everyone generous rewards and benefits, but he can’t say it yet, and the villagers are all puzzled. Li Jianan Chunfeng went home triumphantly, Xichun made a few dishes, Li Jianan poured and drank, and showed off to Xichun on the day when he showed off his grand plans, Li Jianan praised Xichun that cooking is delicious, and promised to take her there in a few days. Having dinner in the best hotel in the city, Li Jian’an was in a good mood, and he personally served Xichun some dishes, which was warm in his heart.

Sun Guangming convened a meeting of the two village committees. Li Jianan took the initiative to review and assumed the main responsibility for delaying the repair of the canal. Sun Guangming no longer pursued this matter. Li Jianan claimed that he could not get through this hurdle in his heart. Li Jian’an wanted to expose to the selection panel that he had misappropriated the funds for the construction of the canal. The Yimin became furious and yelled at Li Jian’an.

In fact, Li Jianan revealed to Zhang Zihao about the selection of the star village, worrying that this matter would affect him to continue to be the village director. Zhang Zihao hoped that Houshigou Village would not be rated as the star village, so he could lower the purchase price and persuaded Li Jianan. Weighing whether the village director or the CEO is more promising, Li Jian’an suddenly understood.

Feng Jinbao complained about Li Jianan’s meal, and Sun Guangming didn’t understand what Li Jianan was doing, so Li Jianan made an excuse to leave early. Liu Haitang and Li Jianping worked together to persuade Li Jian’an not to report the embezzlement of public funds for the construction of the canal to the selection team, but Li Jian’an was determined, and he was still thinking about the village.

Sun Guangming came to Li Jian’an overnight carrying a bottle of wine. Li Jian’an apologized for the last incident. Sun Guangming didn’t want to mention it again. He just wanted to know why Li Jian’an blocked the selection of the star village. Li Jian’an claimed to make himself feel at ease.

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