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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 2 Recap

Qi Qiangqian asked if Somerset had washed his clothes, and complained that she didn’t say hello to him, but Somerset was very carefree. Qi Xiangqian didn’t appreciate it and asked her if she had seen the handkerchief in the room. Somerset was afraid of the wind and left to dry in the room. Then Qi Xiangqian took the flowered handkerchief and left, and did not forget to tell Somerset not to turn it casually in the future. Others pocket. As the Dabei factory broadcast began, Qi Xiangqian came to the workshop to practice hard, and his hands broke.

Qi Xiangqian said that he had learned from Yu Deshui sincerely, but Yu Deshui didn’t care how much merit he had made, and he relied on technology to speak in the factory. Qi Xiangqian was interrupted by Yu Deshui before he finished speaking. Qi Xiangqian pointed at Yu Deshui and yelled at him. The Master He next to him also persuaded Yu Deshui to accept him. I haven’t eaten lunch for several days. Qi Qiangqian directly pronounced Yu Deshui’s name, but Yu Deshui still didn’t make a difference. He howled Qi forward with anger for a while and ran to find Shengjie to bandage the wound on his hand. Somerset gave Qi Xiangqian an idea. If you can’t attack by force, then feint.

When Yu De’s underwater class came home, he saw Qi Xiangqian playing with the two children at home. Liu Guiqin kept complimenting him on his honesty, and was ready to greet everyone for dinner after lunch. Qi Xiangqian suddenly knelt down and said that he was helpless, and asked Liu Guiqin to be his wife. Liu Guiqin resolutely agreed. Yu Deshui was speechless, and asked Qi Xiangqian to go to the cafeteria for dinner, but Liu Guiqin was left behind. Qi Xiangqian pushed the boat down and sat down. The lion opened his mouth and praised the delicious food while eating. He also took out the food expenses and said that he would come to eat every day. . Liu Guiqin was warm and hospitable, Yu Deshui was stinking at the side, and Qi Qiangqian threatened that he would eat here for a day without accepting him as an apprentice, to see who was consuming the other.

Somerset’s direct music eavesdropping outside the door, Qi Qianqian was not happy, and almost annoyed Somerset. Qi Xiangqian said thank you to Somerset for helping him wash the clothes, she won’t need to wash the clothes in the future, he is not used to lesbians helping to wash the clothes. Somerset asked Qi Xiangqian who gave him the handkerchief. Qi Xiangqianfei said that it was his own. Of course, Somerset didn’t believe it. Liu Guiqin complained that Yu Deshui accepted Qi Xiangqian as an apprentice. What was his name as a soldier, and Yu Deshui asked Liu Guiqin to return the money to Qi Xiangqian.

Cao Dehe felt that he shouldn’t stay at home all day. Kong Shiju heard that the city department store was going to open a branch in Dabei Factory. It was a good place for her to go there. Cao Dehe didn’t like it. Dabei Factory is a state-owned enterprise. Section Chief Xiao came, Kong Shiju and Cao Dehe hurriedly entertained them. The factory leaders have been busy building the factory recently and are very hard. Chief Xiao recommended to the factory manager to host Morosov with his family in Kongshi. After all, Dabei Factory knows that his family specializes in cooking. Kong Shiju and Cao Dehe were obviously unwilling, but they could only agree. Section Chief Xiao gave them some money, refunding more and making up less.

Bai Ruoxue received a letter from a foreign country, and breathed a sigh of relief after reading it. After dinner at noon, Qi Xiangqian deliberately didn’t bring any food to rub Yu Deshui’s belt. He was very happy to see Liu Guiqin took two people, and Yu Deshui’s expression was calm. Qi Qiang pulled two mouthfuls and then spit it out. Master He also tasted it. There were two taels of salt. Yu Deshui made a loud noise, which he specially prepared for Qi Xiangqian, and Qi Xiangqian gritted his teeth with anger.

Kong Shiju and Cao Dehe came out to purchase, Qiushi asked Bai Ruoxue to go out shopping, and they were very curious when they saw it. Bai Ruoxue said that her brother had received a letter, and he went to Taiwan, but went to the place she least hoped for. Qi Xiangqian shoveled the steel bars in the factory and shouted happily. He Feng asked Yu Deshui how that apprentice was, and Yu Deshui confiscated him, Qi Xiangqian was stubborn and older. He Feng persuaded him to look at his own face for two months, and Yu Deshui reluctantly agreed. Everyone was busy moving things, Yu Deshui asked Qi Qiangqian to come over and help, but Qi Qiangqian ignored it. When Yu Deshui was angry, Qi forward took a few sticks and instructed everyone to easily carry things in. He said that this method was used in battles before, even Xiong was blind.

Master He praised Qi Qiqiang smartly, and he was good at training. Yu Deshui took a look at him, and walked up to teach him to shovel steel bars while disgusting, but Qi Qiqiang still couldn’t learn. Master He hurriedly asked Qi Qiangqian to recognize the master, and he agreed. Qi Xiangqian didn’t feel it at first, but he thought about it and went up to worship the master. No matter what he did in the past, Yu Deshui is a blank sheet of paper. He needs to be upright and skilled in craftsmanship. Qi Xiangqian succeeded in approving Yu Deshui, and Yu Deshui gave him a hammer and asked him to make exactly the same in three months.

Cao Dehe was busy working in the kitchen, and Liu Guiqin kept boasting when she saw the dishes she made. Qiu Shi heard that Qi Xiangqian had successfully come to Daoxie as a teacher. Others were desperately leading the way, but he was begging to be a worker. He was really different. Kong Shiju made a table of good dishes to entertain Morosov, which amazed everyone.

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