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Stray Birds 飞鸟集 Episode 6 Recap

Su Xiaoman told Zhang Jiang about what his father’s friend could invest in. Zhang Jiang didn’t want to play such a big game. However, Su Xiaoman believes that if two people jointly send software, there must be a great future. Instead of working in the company for a lifetime, it is better to be yourself. To research and develop, to create. If Zhang Jiang is willing to join hands with himself, then the two will definitely reach the pinnacle of life.

Senior Sister Li Li came to the restaurant to look for Wu Yue. Su Xiaoman, who was also working part-time in the restaurant, was a little jealous, and delivered coffee mixed with pepper. Li Li teased that Su Xiaoman was Wu Yue’s young girlfriend. Li Li informed Wu Yue that Qianda’s convenient financial plan has won the bid. Once the contract is signed, they will definitely purchase Internet equipment and related program development in the near future. Based on the relationship between brain data and Qianda, such a big piece of cake, brain data must be necessary. Grab a piece of pie.

The elder sister told Wu Yue that Ren Qianqiu wanted to enter the financial field in a day or two. Last year, Ren Qianqiu’s all-in-one card was also followed up by herself, but then the development of this all-in-one card was interrupted before it was released. Wu Yue suddenly heard this. I think of the inexplicable cards I got from my father’s house. Sister Wu hopes that Wu Yue, who works on brain data, can provide herself with more explosive news in the future, and Wu Yue readily agreed.

Uncle Qi, an investment friend of his father, hosted a charity dinner. Su Xiaoman planned to attend, and Lin Shaoting was also going to participate. So Su Xiaoman, Lin Shaoting and Chai Qing went to do their hair, bought clothes and dressed very solemnly. However, after arriving at the banquet, it was discovered that only the two girls Su Xiaoman Chaiqing were dressed very grandly, and the other attendees dressed relatively well, and the two girls were a little uncomfortable. But Su Xiaoman’s father didn’t think so. He thought that his daughter dressed like this very well, showing respect for this environment.

Lin Shaoting’s father, Liang Hongda, chairman of the Qianda Group, also attended this dinner. Seeing his son brought two beautiful women, he told Lin Shaoting to keep a low profile. At the charity dinner, Lin Shaoting told Su Xiaoman that his father was a designer of fraudulent wealth management products. In order to fill the hole, his father had put half of the old factory in, and then he also asked Su Xiaoman not to tell this. other people. However, Su Xiaoman turned his head and told Wu Yue about the matter.

On the weekend, after Su Xiaoman and his mother were a guest at Chai Qing’s house, the drunk Qian beat Director Chen and suddenly came to Chai Qing’s house. Director Chen was so drunk that he constantly harassed Chai Qing and asked Chai Qing to follow him. Chai Qing didn’t know how this person knew her home address, so she rejected Director Chen very severely. When the two sides quarreled, Su Xiaoman really couldn’t stand the harassment of Chai Qing by Director Chen, so he used all the efforts he had put in his body and beat the man severely. When Wu Yue learned about Su Xiaoman, he hurried to Chai Qing’s house.

Director Chen was beaten so hard, Su Xiaoman also had stomach cramps, and Wu Yue rushed her to the hospital. Many employees of the Brain Data Company learned that Director Chen was very angry about Chai Qing’s harassment of Su Xiaoman’s illness and hospitalization, and hoped to expel this person. However, Ren Qianqiu said that this incident can only be said that he did not protect himself. Employees, but do not have the authority to make decisions on behalf of other companies.

Lin Shaoting really couldn’t swallow this breath, so he came to his company and found the person in charge of the company’s personnel to request that Director Chen be fired. However, the relevant person in charge said that this Director Chen himself is not that important, but he and the company’s project have a lot of things behind him. Wanlv’s connection cannot be expelled for the time being, and it has to be discussed in the long term.

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