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Stray Birds 飞鸟集 Episode 5 Recap

Wu Yue passed the company’s first round of elimination assessment. However, Ren Qianqiu asked him to be ambitious, but it would be wrong to act brutally. If he wants to continue working on brain data, he must temporarily learn to converge. In order to celebrate Wu Yue successfully passed the first round of elimination assessment, Su Xiaoman invited him to go to the legendary self-service cafe to wash away bad luck.

At night, Wu Yue took his younger brother to run together every day. He happened to be hit by Su Xiaoman, who was also running at night. Seeing Wu Yue holding the back of a child, he thought that this person must have many secrets, so he decided to follow him. Investigate the secret of this person. The next day Su Xiaoman dressed up and followed Wu Yue. However, on the one hand, Su Xiaoman’s disguise was too bad, on the other hand, Wu Yue was too clever, and it didn’t take long for someone to follow him. Wu Yue cleverly used the trick to get rid of Su Xiaoman’s.

Su Xiaoman came to the small restaurant where Wu Yue worked part-time and saw him wearing a chef’s uniform teaching many overseas students to make dumplings, so he pretended to be a Korean and participated in it. Seeing Su Xiaoman pretending to be a foreigner, Wu Yue felt amused, so he deliberately tricked him and asked her how to speak some vocabulary in Korean. Su Xiaoman, who doesn’t speak Korean, was very embarrassed to fight haha ​​and escaped.

Wu Yue privately read the code base of the company and Qianda Financial in the company, and was told by relevant leaders to Ren Qianqiu. Ren Qianqiu believed that Wu Yue was very similar to him when he was young and had ambitions, but he owed consideration to the relevant person in charge. He arranged something serious to do. During the lunch break, Ren Qianqiu bought lunch for Wu Yue and communicated with him, saying that although the company is committed to making all kinds of hardware and software the best, it is the people who use these devices that they have the most control.

Wu Yue realized what Ren Qianqiu wanted to express. It turned out that the Qianda Group’s equipment damage was probably caused by them themselves, and the purpose was to earn some compensation. Wu Yue did not understand why Ren Qianqiu, as a newcomer, was willing to tell him these things. Ren Qianqiu replied that he knew that Wu Yue liked to study technology and wanted to know how his own company’s technicians repaired Qianda Group’s equipment, instead of letting him be here. Guessing by himself, it is better to tell the answer directly, hoping that he can understand the difference between academic and business as soon as possible, because this matter is something that everyone will face sooner or later.

Su Xiaoman, Chai Qing, Lin Shaoting and Zhang Jiang had a dinner together in the legendary self-service coffee bar. Computer genius Zhang Jiang designed a video celebration for Chai Qing. During the communication, Su Xiaoman and Lin Shaoting had a small conflict and faced Lin Shaoting’s mouth. Su Xiaoman couldn’t bear it, and he fell to the ground with a shoulder-wrapped fall.

One of the brain data interns named A Ling was pregnant. It happened to be just as the company was about to go public. After discussion, Ren Qianqiu believed that the interns could not be expelled at this critical moment, otherwise it would seriously affect the company’s image. At breakfast, Su Xiaoman learned from her dad that an uncle who was doing investment was looking for some good investment targets. She thought of Zhang Jiang, a computer genius, and planned to help Zhang Jiang to pull this round of angel investment.

In order to learn more about Wu Yue, Su Xiaoman also came to the restaurant to work. She directly pointed out that she knew that Wu Yue came to the brain data, which must have a certain purpose, and told some things she knew. Wu Yue did not admit or deny this, but thanked her for providing the information. Su Xiaoman returned Wu Yue’s student ID and wallet to him.

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