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Stray Birds 飞鸟集 Episode 4 Recap

Su Xiaoman did not return Wu Yue’s student ID and wallet, but conducted a certain investigation of his identity. On the second day, the server used by the Qianda Group, a customer of the brain data company, had a problem. Ren Qianqiu designated several interns to accompany the server to deal with the problem, on the one hand to deal with the problem, on the other hand, also with the interns. Learn.

Although Ren Qianqiu is the CEO of his own company, he is also a very humble Party B in front of customers. The data engineers rushed to repair the server. Wu Yue happened to meet the senior brother who was also a data engineer in the Qianda Group. The senior brother secretly told him that the situation of the brain data company’s server made the group’s upper leaders very angry and had already invited him. The media wants to explode this matter. The reporter who is coming this time is Li Li, Wu Yue’s senior sister.

After learning about this, Wu Yue didn’t tell Ren Qianqiu the facts, but went to the gate of Qianda Group to wait. Wu Yue and Sister Li Li had a good relationship. After the senior sister waited for the reporters to come, he used the excuse that the server was being repaired. Relevant leaders are inconvenient to accept interviews, and reporters are inconvenient to go upstairs to shoot, so first invite a few reporters to have coffee and wait.

The senior sister did not doubt what he said, and readily agreed. Wu Yue said that the founding company of BrainData as the server has sent several experts from abroad to repair it. His sincerity is commendable. Even if this matter is to be reported, it can be postponed a little later. The senior sister agreed. , Wu Yue won more than ten hours for the brain data to repair the server

After returning upstairs, Wu Yue informed Ren Qianqiu of the matter. Ren Qianqiu told him earnestly after hearing that every company has a department called the Marketing Department, and media-related matters are handled by this department, and Wu Yue One person cannot represent the company. He criticized Wu Yue’s unauthorized activities. But Wu Yue believes that if a reporter rushes into the computer room during an emergency repair, the reputation of the brain data company will be severely impacted.

After this experience at Qianda Company, Wu Yue increasingly believed that the relationship between Qianda and brain data was not simple, and his father’s death was bound to be inseparable from these two companies.

Lin Shaoting was arranged by his father to participate in the wine bureau with your uncles. In the wine bureau, the founders generally hope to sell the company’s old factory. However, Liang Dong believes that this should not be the case. If the old factory is sold, those The old workers who have worked so hard to accompany them through the storms will lose their jobs and cannot be unrighteous. At the dinner table, Lin Shaoting heard that his father was planning to hand over the company to him, and he refused. He did not show his father a good face in front of many elders.

After Su Xiaoman returned home, he discussed the company’s recent affairs with his father. Dad and Ren Qianqiu were old acquaintances, so he asked Su Xiaoman if his brain data still plans to do digital finance. Su Xiaoman said he didn’t know about this.

The first elimination of brain data began. Ren Qianqiu left Wu Yue and another employee in the office, and the one that was eventually eliminated will be generated from these two people. Ren Qianqiu gave the two of them time to explain their respective meanings of staying in the company. Another employee hurriedly accused Wu Yue of taking reporters away from Qianda Group. He believed that Wu Yue had acted inappropriately and should be eliminated.

However, Ren Qianqiu said that they should be given the opportunity to explain the meaning of staying in the company, rather than trying to eliminate others. Although Wu Yue’s behavior in taking the reporter away privately was inappropriate, in general, his purpose was for the benefit of the company. He kept accusing Wu Yue’s employees. Although he did not make mistakes from beginning to end, it also shows that his business ability is not good and he has no chance to make mistakes.

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