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Stray Birds 飞鸟集 Episode 3 Recap

On the first day at work, Zhang Jiang was very excited when he saw Chai Qing, and he kept working hard in front of the goddess. Chai Qing saw the silly look of this silly boy, a little cute, but on the surface he still pretended to be a cold goddess. Zhang Jiang, who wanted to use this opportunity to go to the goddess phone, got a bit ashamed.

After get off work in the evening, Wu Yue took his younger brother to the small part-time restaurant secretly every day, taking advantage of Wu Yue’s absence, every day he ate the small cakes in the restaurant. At this time, the boss came and found that the cupboard was eaten. There were a few messy bites of cake, but there were no people everywhere, which was a bit strange.

At this time, the boss glanced at Tiantian’s figure, and it was fleeting. He was taken aback by thinking that something had appeared in his restaurant and ran away quickly. In the early morning of the next day, Tian Tian came out of the hidden utility room on the second floor and was spotted by the restaurant owner. The owner thought he had hallucinations and touched the prayer beads to ask the Buddha for blessing.

Su Xiaoman and other interns formally work in the company, and Chai Qing has also been transferred from an administrative assistant to the marketing department. After get off work, Su Xiaoman, Chai Qing, and Zhang Jiang followed Lin Shaoting to the bar for a drink. Su Xiaoman originally wanted to invite Wu Yue to go with him, but Wu Yue refused to say that he had an appointment tonight.

In the evening, Su Xiaoman and others met Wu Yue, who was working part-time in the bar. Lin Shaoting liked Su Xiaoman a little bit. Seeing that she was reluctant to drink, she thought she didn’t give herself face, Su Xiaoman felt that this person was always making troubles unreasonably, so he picked up a glass of wine and took a drink. It killed a lot of wine.

Lin Shaoting’s father, Chairman Liang, also came to the bar. Lin Shaoting knew that his father was here, so he hurried away. Before leaving, he returned the small suitcase he picked up a few days ago to Wu Yue. Wu Yue saw that he did not return to China. Looking happy, he persuaded that the benefits of returning to the country would at least be able to reunite with his family. However, Lin Shaoting dismissed this and said that he hardly remembered what his parents looked like in the past few years abroad.

Liang Dong was very dissatisfied with Lin Shaoting’s high-profile behavior when he went to a bar to drink. After his son returned home, he asked a few words and gave him a pen, hoping that he would take heart and write well after returning home. A little bit of life. Lin Shaoting thanked his father for giving the pen, and when he returned to the room, he wrote down his thoughts about his mother in the notebook.

The restaurant owner where Wu Yue works part-time gave him a suit as a gift for working on brain data. Every new intern of the brain data has a black box on the day of entry, which contains daily laptops and some useful tools. When they return this black box to the company, there are only two results. Either be eliminated or promoted to the leadership.

Ren Qianqiu, one of the founders of Brain Data, told the interns on the spot that coming to the company to work is equivalent to being on a track. This is a knock-out track, and the champion in the competition will have the right to understand the brain data in all directions. He has all the projects since his founding, and he owns 3% of the shares and decision-making power of Brain Data. Hearing this, Wu Yue thinks this is a good opportunity to investigate the relationship between his father and the brain data company. He does it anyway. To win the championship this time.

In the small restaurant on the other side, Wu Tiantian was naughty and secretly scared the boss. The boss was scared and spoke his native language. He responded in English every day. The boss sighed that this is actually a kid who can speak English, and he really has something to do with him.

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