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Stray Birds 飞鸟集 Episode 2 Recap

When Su Xiaoman, Chai Qing, and Justin were talking, the hacker Zhang Jiang also joined the chat and kindly said that the four of them will become colleagues in the future. Justin introduced himself, his name is Lin Shaoting. At this time, a school girl brought the student card that Wu Yue had studied at a prestigious university abroad. It turned out that Wu Yue was also a student tyrant. Su Xiaoman left after getting the student card. Lin Shaoting was very smart, keenly aware that this person named Wu Yue must be unusual. After Su Xiaoman Chai Qing had left, he took Zhang Jiang and asked him in a buddy manner what he had found through the hacking database.

Brother Wu Yue celebrated his birthday and clamored for a birthday cake, but Wu Yue lost his wallet and really had no choice. He went to a restaurant run by a foreigner to apply for a job, saying that he had a disease that would kill him if he didn’t eat cake. I hope that the work meal after joining the company will be a piece of cake. The restaurant owner readily agreed and said that those who like desserts are angels.

Wu Yue and his friend Xiao Quan drank together. Xiao Quan said that with Wu Yue’s academic qualifications, all major Internet companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Guangzhou randomly selected them. However, Wu Yue said that he was ready to join the brain data company because he suspected that this company would have a relationship with the company. The bank cards he got from his father’s house were related. Xiao Quan looked at the card and felt familiar. It seemed that his tutor, Su Feng, had a phone call with the brain data company and it was related to the bank card.

Lin Shaoting’s little suitcase was picked up by Wu Yue’s brother Wu Tiantian. He opened the suitcase and saw pictures of Wu Yue’s passing parents. He recalled seeing his mother taking medicine and being hospitalized when he was a child. He told his father that that year. My mother didn’t get sick and was hospitalized because she took the medicine by mistake. She also asked his father whether he was sorry that his mother did not die back then.

Wu Yue sent his brother Xiao Quan to study in the United States. After the airport went through the security check, Xiao Quan told him that he had set aside 20,000 yuan, Wu Yue felt. However, after the brothers left, Wu Yue was blocked by the debt collector in the toilet. During the dispute, the 20,000 yuan in cash that Xiao Quan left for him was scattered. The debt collector thought he was rich but was unwilling to pay it back. So he beat him severely.

Wu Yue went to the Public Security Bureau to assist in the investigation because of being beaten at the airport. After leaving the Public Security Bureau, he was about to go for an interview. He met Lin Shaoting, who had been waiting here for a long time. Lin Shaoting had long obtained relevant information about Wu Yue from Zhang Jiangkou. Lack of money, so he wanted to use a lot of money to buy him, hoping that he could help himself this English waste through the brain-interactive interview. Seeing Lin Shaoting’s lots of cash, Wu Yue very readily agreed to go to the interview for him.

Wu Yue wore his usual clothes and went to the interview. The interviewer Ren Qianqiu was very dissatisfied with his dress. He believed that casually dressed people would certainly not have much higher professionalism, so he directly pointed out that he seriously doubted Wu Yue’s professionalism. So, before Wu Yue could say a few words, the interview with him ended. The next interviewer was Su Xiaoman. Su Xiaoman said that he had heard the conversation between the two at the door and thought that Ren Qianqiu should not judge people by their appearance.

Wu Yue changed into the suit Lin Shaoting had just given him in the bathroom and knocked on Ren Qianqiu’s office door, hoping to get another interview. Ren Qianqiu agreed. After the interview, Wu Yue returned the suit and money to Lin Shaoting. She and he did not replace Lin Shaoting in the interview.

When Wu Yue went out for an interview in the morning, he left his younger brother Wu Tiantian alone in the hotel. Auntie Cleaning found the child while cleaning the room, so she called the police. Wu Yue received a call from the police and hurriedly went to the police station to pick up people. And request a report.

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