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Stray Birds 飞鸟集 Episode 1 Recap

After Su Xiaoman returned from studying abroad, he was warmly welcomed by his friend Chai Qing at the airport. The two talked and laughed, and they were very happy. Wu Yue’s parents failed to do business and died. He rushed back from abroad to see his young brother, who had not yet emerged from the haze of losing his loved ones, and his mood was very depressed. Misfortune never came singly. Wu Yue walked out of the airport and saw a few debt collectors. He hurriedly “borrowed” a sports car from a wealthy boy at the airport gate and threw his ID card, wallet and other supplies to that person as collateral.

Su Xiaoman and his friend Chai Qing just witnessed this series of processes. Chai Qing kindly invited the rich kid named Justin to ride in his car. Su Xiaoman returned home and was very happy to see his parents whom he hadn’t seen for a long time. Su Xiaoman, who had returned from studying abroad, began to think about her future, whether to find a job in the university where her father was located, or to work for the brain data company where Chai Qing worked. She didn’t know how to choose for a while.

Justin is the son of the chairman of the Qianda Group, but his relationship with his father is not good. When he returned home, he was very indifferent to his father. During the meal, he refused his father’s request to arrange himself into his own company. It turns out that Justin went abroad to study in order to find his mother. He always thought that his mother had been arranged by his father to leave, but he had not been able to find out about his mother for so many years. He relied on his father for all this. Therefore, father and son The relationship between the two is not good.

Wu Yue returned home with his younger brother on his back, and saw that the debt collector at his door was filled with the words owing the debt and paying the money. He was sad and helpless. People from the bank came to collect the house the next day. Originally, Wu Yue’s father had taken out a mortgage loan at the bank, but the business failed and the loan could not be repaid. Now even his house has to be repossessed. After discussing with the bank staff, the other party agreed to give another day to pack up. Wu Yue asked the bank staff about his father’s loan and found out the news that his father had bought private financial management and was jailed. I found hundreds of bank cards in my drawer when I was packing things, but I have never seen this so-called “bank card”. I can’t use it to buy things in the supermarket, let alone which bank issued the card. .

Wu Yue went to a university to return the car to Justin. He happened to meet Su Xiaoman. After returning the car, Wu Yue signed up for a promotion meeting of an Internet company in order to investigate this inexplicable bank card issue. This Internet company happened to be Chai Chai. The brain data where Sunny is located. At the promotion meeting, Ren Qianqiu of Brain Data Corporation took the stage to give a speech. Su Xiaoman and Wu Yue, who were also at the promotion meeting, had an in-depth discussion on the current development of artificial intelligence big data and its future prospects.

Chai Qing also participated in this promotion meeting as an assistant. At the meeting, she met a computer genius who is also a hacker. This person showed her hacking skills in front of Chai Qing. After a few simple operations, Turn off the lights in the lecture hall where the promotion meeting is located.

At the end of the promotion meeting, Su Xiaoman was determined to go to work in the brain data company where Chai Qing worked, but was persuaded to quit. Chai Qing said that although his company is glamorous on the surface, but inside is very vacant, he actually plans to resign. However, Su Xiaoman didn’t care about Chai Qing’s remarks. She was determined to enter the company. It just so happened that Justin also wanted to enter the company. Su Xiaoman, Chai Qing, and Justin met again at the entrance of the university.

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