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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 18 Recap

Ren Yuan realizes that Hua Hin loves herself to the extent and depth, as much as she loves her, and is deeply moved. The company’s public relations department asked the captain and personnel who participated in the rescue operation to take a set of promotional photos. Xiao Mo didn’t like to face the camera to take photos when he was young, but he could not refuse.

Wu Di and Xiao Mo had dinner with Hua Hin and Ren Yuan to celebrate their marriage. Wu Di told Hua Hin that after experiencing these things with Xiao Mo, she felt that they had a better understanding of spirits, and her mother also changed Xiao Mo a lot. Hua Hin reminded that Xiao Mo hated taking pictures, and Wu Di could make him less nervous at the shooting scene. Xia Yu stayed in the bar in a bad mood. He still had no good impression of Xiao Mo.

Luo Dong understood what he meant, and suggested that he go to shoot another day, so as not to run into Xiao Mo. The next day, Xiao Mo and Wu Di went to shoot, and unexpectedly ran into Li Yanbing, who was the photographer responsible for shooting them. As Wu Di was at the scene, Xiao Mo seemed very nervous and restrained.

Later, Li Yanbing asked assistant Andy to send out irrelevant personnel. In desperation, Wu Di and Luo Dong had to go out and wait. After a while, Lu Qiwen came out. He said that after Wu Di went out, Xiao Mo seemed a lot relaxed, and he might be able to come down in a while. After the filming, Li Yanbing could see that Xiao Mo was very nervous because of Wu Di’s presence. This was because he cared about Wu Di. He wanted to show his perfect side in front of Wu Di, but this caused him to perform poorly.

Wu Di and Xia Yu simulated flying together. This time they practiced an interrupted takeoff on a slippery runway. Sure enough, as Xia Yu said at the beginning, Wu Di’s performance on the wet track was a bit poor. Hua Hin made Shiquan Dabutang. She recently wanted to have a child with Ren Yuan. Ren Yuan was puzzled. Both of them were flying in the sky. Who would raise the child after birth. When he met Xiao Mo who had just got off the plane, Ren Yuan couldn’t help but complain about it, but Xiao Mo teased him instead. Li Yanbing gave Xiao Mo the ticket to the photography exhibition and invited him and Wu Di to see it. Li Yanbing greeted them at the photo exhibition, and then went to talk with friends. Like Xiao Mo, Li Yanbing spoke very directly. While Xiao Mo was going to answer the phone, Li Yanbing took the initiative to talk to Wu Di.

Perhaps because Li Yanbing is very similar to Xiao Mo, she understands Xiao Mo faster than others. Li Yanbing told Wu Di that if you want to be with Xiao Mo for a long time, you should try to accept the differences between them. Wu Di knew that she was kind, and although she felt a little uncomfortable, she still thanked her with a smile.

At the same time, in order to make Xia Yu happy, Luo Dong specially invited him and Yu Jie to the playground, deliberately bringing them together. But Xia Yu felt that this was a waste of time, and Xia Yu left after playing the pirate ship. Wu Di was dissatisfied that Li Yanbing knew Xiao Mo better than herself, and had a few words with Xiao Mo about this. Xiao Mo changed the subject, hoping she could calm down. That night, Wu Di chose to study at night to prove that he could pass the exam without Xiao Mo.

Du Wei went to buy medicine for Wu Di who was ill. Xiao Mo saw Du Wei holding the medicine and asked a few words. He also learned that Wu Di was sick. He asked Du Wei to do him a favor. The next day, they conducted the assessment of the simulation cabin normally, and everyone passed. Next, they will drive a large civil aviation plane to train at the airport in the early morning, and at the same time go to various positions to learn experience. Xiao Mo received a photo album from Li Yanbing, and there was a postcard attached to it with Li Yanbing’s message of blessing to him.

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