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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 17 Recap

Hua Hin was very worried about Ren Yuan, Xiao Mo patted her on the shoulder for comfort. Father Wu learned of the Nirm earthquake through the news, Ling Li called Wu Di, but prompted her to shut down her phone, and then she called Xia Yu again, which also showed that it was shut down, and they seemed very anxious if they could not reach their daughter.

Due to aftershocks, Ren Yuan and Tao Shan’s GP3 Zero Zero has been hovering in the sky for a long time, and the fuel is about to run out. Mr. Lin and Mr. He Jun of Midsummer Airlines also learned of this problem. Lu Qiwen suggested that GP3 ​​Zero Zero alternate to Chengdu first, and then fly to Nirm tomorrow. Soon after, President Lin received the latest notice that there is an engineering team stranded in Nielm in our country, and Midsummer Airlines must send a special plane to pick up the engineering team.

Xiao Mo was worried when he learned that GP3 ​​Zero Zero was not yet Jiang Luo, and learned that the company was going to send another special plane. Xiao Mo took the initiative to invite Yingfei Nilm, but Lin said that he could hardly take on this important task. Then Xia Hang came, Xiao Mo asked to fly, he was confident in his flying skills, Xia Hang finally agreed.

Lu Qiwen on the side was not good at pretending to be a okay person anymore, so he actively asked to fly with Xiao Mo. In the end, Xia Hang and President Lin decided that Xiao Mo and Lu Qiwen would fly this special plane. Xia Hang watched Xiao Mo’s plane flying into the sky from the top of the building, and was very emotional. Xia Yu and Xiao Mo are both good. Ren Yuan’s GP3 Zero Zero finally descended to Nirm, but they only had one hour to organize personnel to board the plane.

After Xia Yu arranged personnel to board the plane, he stayed behind and arranged for the remaining forty people stranded. Wu Di almost missed Ren Yuan’s flight because he was looking for a little girl. Moreover, she didn’t know if her calling machine dropped, which caused Ren Yuan to be unable to contact her, but fortunately, Wu Di took the little girl on the plane in time. Xiao Mo and Lu Qiwen hovered in the sky for a long time.

After Ren Yuan’s plane took off, they were finally able to descend to Nirm. Lu Qiwen was unable to contact Xia Yu. Xiao Mo and a photographer named Li Yanbing looked for Xia Yu everywhere and found that he was suppressed and unable to move due to aftershocks. Xiao Mo and Li Yanbing tried their best to rescue him, and the group finally boarded the plane and flew back to the motherland. The good news came back to the company, and He Jun and Xia Hang were finally relieved.

Many people on the plane listened to what Xiao Mo said on the radio and couldn’t help but applaud and cheered. They finally returned to the embrace of the motherland. After the plane arrived in Shenzhen, Li Yanbing stayed and waited for Xiao Mo and took a photo of him. Sincerely thank him for bringing himself back. Xiao Mo came out and saw Wu Di smiling and waiting for him at the exit, Xiao Mo couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth.

After this incident, Hua Hin changed his previous idea of ​​not wanting to get married and asked Ren Yuan to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a certificate after dinner. The happiness came so suddenly, Ren Yuan was a little startled, but he still proposed to her again in accordance with Hua Hin’s request. Duo Duo came to work in the coffee and cake shop of Midsummer Airlines and specially made a biscuits called the taste of love for Wu Di and Xiao Mo.

Xia Yu on the side saw Xiao Mo and Wu Dien’s love, his face was bitter, and he was later teased by Du Wei. Yu Jie had an awkward relationship with her father and threw away the buns his father had made for her. Luo Dong stopped her. He patiently enlightened and let Yu Jie untie the knot. Ren Yuan and Hua Hin went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get married. Until they got the marriage certificate, Ren Yuan still didn’t react. He wondered how Hua Hin would suddenly agree to marry him. To be honest, Hua Hin, watching him fly to Nirm that day, she realized for the first time that she was afraid of losing him.

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