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New Generation: Happiness Method (2021) 我们的新时代: 幸福的处方

New Generation: Happiness Method (2021)
Other Title: 我们的新时代: 幸福的处方, Our New Era , Prescription For Happiness , Wo Men De Xin Shi Dai , Xing Fu De Chu Fang , 我们的新时代 幸福的处方 , 我们的新时代幸福的处方 , 我们的新时代之幸福的处方

Genres:  Romance, Life, Drama
Lu Ying,
Romance, Life,
 BTV, Tencent Video
Release Date:
 July 5, 2021 – Jul 8, 2021
Related Show:
A sub-unit story based on real people and real events


  • Janice Wu as Liu Shi Lan
  • Leon Zhang as Hai Yang
  • Sa Ri Na as Yang Hui Ni
  • Oscar Sun as Zhang Zhen Ning

A university student becomes a doctor in the ER Department after graduation. In order to take care of her mother, Liu Shi Lan gives up on the opportunity to work at a renowned hospital in the city, and becomes a doctor in the countryside., succeeding her mother as a second-generation village physician. She butts head with the black-bellied village secretary head, Hai Yang.

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