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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 13 Recap

Su Daifei heard that Jiang Haoyue had someone she liked, so she planned to seize the opportunity quickly and strive to make Jiang Haoyue her destiny. A few days later, a video came out on the school website. The content was that Su Daifei came to the old school building and saw Jiang Haoyue in the mirror. As a result, the school reported that Jiang Haoyue and Su Daifei were a match made in heaven. It turns out that there has always been a legend called Bai Lin’s Blessing in Lu Miao School.

When the old school building was just built, there was a power outage. Some people played pranks and locked a senior sister named Bai Lin in the classroom. Talking, she used a mirror to reflect the moonlight in order to save herself, hoping to get help from others. The moonlight from the mirror shone on the face of a senior in a playground to cool off. In this way, the senior rescued the senior, and the two became attached to each other.

When the moon shines on the mirror of the school building at night, and you pass by, the person you are destined for will appear in the mirror, and the two will be blessed by Bai Lin and be together forever. Lu Miao Xie Ziye didn’t believe this, she planned to talk to Su Daifei to make it clear, but Su Daifei denied that the video was her own.

At this time, Shi Che was still thinking about how to win Lu Miao’s favor. After this video incident, he decided to ask Chen Guoguo to help him initiate an activity to explore the truth in the old school building. He would invite Lu Miao to go with him. At that time, Guoguo would play a ghost to scare Lu Miao, and when she was frightened, Shi Che suddenly appeared to rescue Lu Miao, so as to win her favor. Shi Che’s conversation about going to the old school building to explore the truth happened to be heard by Su Daifei.

A few friends came to the old school building that night. The scene was very eerie and terrifying. However, after the transfer of many things, Lu Miao discovered that someone must have come to the old school building before them and placed some things in order to scare them. Chen Guoguo with the Beatles appeared suddenly, shocking Xie Ziye and Lu Miao. Shi Che took the opportunity to catch a person and turned his head. He thought that he was catching Lu Miao, but Xie Ziye didn’t expect it to be Xie Ziye. He didn’t realize that he had caught the wrong person until he hugged the girl in his arms and told the truth.

Lu Miao separated from the others and explored alone. At this time, Jiang Haoyue, who had been waiting at home for a long time without seeing his sister’s return, also came to the old school building. He picked up the phone that Lu Miao had dropped at the door, and first encountered Lu Miao who was following him. Su Daifei, who was waiting for someone, cried and asked him to take her out.

However, Jiang Haoyue said that she was only here to meet Lu Miao. Later, Erquwei would take her out. Lu Miao on the other side finally found her in the old schoolhouse. That mirror was looking in the mirror, and Jiang Haoyue suddenly appeared in it. It turned out that Jiang Haoyue had found her.

Shi Che and Xie Ziye hugged and walked out of the old school slowly. Jiang Haoyue also took Lu Miao home and told Lu Miao that the video was composed by Su Daifei. The next day, Su Daifei deleted all the photos of Jiang Haoyue in the phone, because he realized that Jiang Haoyue did open up his heart, but only to Lu Miao, and he would never have a chance. Instead of pursuing it hard, it’s better to stop there. give up.

A video of a supernatural event was circulated on the Internet. Out of curiosity, Lu Miao clicked on the video and found that this video recorded the story of a few friends in the old school building the night before. All of the friends are in the video, and no one recorded this alone. At this time, a chill came to my heart.

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