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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 9 Recap

Liang Muze found that the window in his room was open, so he looked for Rao Feng to his home and checked it again. Rao Feng led the team around and found no abnormalities. However, to be cautious, Rao Feng decided to check the surrounding streets again. . After Liang Muze returned to the army and asked if Xia Chu had ever opened the window of the master bedroom, Xia Chu said that he didn’t remember it anymore, maybe or not.

Early Xia didn’t wash her hair for a few days because of a leg injury. Liang Muze was afraid that her movements would worsen her leg injury, so he helped her wash her head. For a while, the atmosphere between the two was very warm, but it didn’t last long, and the two auras were not in harmony. Up. Early Xia was blowing his hair, and Mu Min suddenly called Liang Muze to check the post. Liang Muze quickly said that he hadn’t driven Xia Chu away, and that he had taken Xia Chu to the army to recuperate. He said that Liang Muze handed his mobile phone to Xia Chu. , Early Xia also told Mu Min cooperatively that Liang Muze treated himself very well.

Migu’s 3D printing plan fell into disarray, and she came up with a subject of filming a doctor. She planned to shoot a documentary with Zhang Yichi as the protagonist. Migu’s idea was praised by the boss, and Migu contacted Zhang Yichi to come out and talk about the show. Zhang Yichi said You can cooperate, but Migu needs to come up with a specific plan, and he can help her coordinate with the hospital. Migu was absent-minded and asked about Zhang Yichi’s illness.

Zhang Yichi said that if the disease does not occur, it would be okay, but it will be very serious. If you want a radical cure, you can only reduce stress as much as possible. Migu listened and listened. Very worried about Zhuo Ran, he left Zhang Yichi in the hotel alone, and ran to look for Zhuo Ran to remind him to recuperate.

When Rao Feng investigated Sang Kun’s body, he started with the sapphire on Sang Kun’s walking stick and found that this sapphire was very rare. The last time it appeared was when Liu Zhengmin photographed the sapphire. Liu Zhengmin was the brother Xiong who was supporting Zhou Lan. Rao Feng realized , To find out the identity of the male corpse in the villa, Brother Xiong is an important breakthrough.

Liang Muze’s army began to prepare for war. Liang Muze trained in the rain for an afternoon. He did not forget to tell the old squad leader in the kitchen to boil the soup for the beginning of Xia. In order to take care of the taste of the beginning of Xia, he did not let anyone put salt in the soup. Liang Muze He went to find Xia Chu with the soup. As soon as he put the soup on the table, he saw Xia Chu stepping on a stool and carrying his suitcase. Seeing that Xia Chu was about to fall, he rushed over to catch Xia Chu.

At the beginning of Xia, he was a little moved and praised Liang Muze for being too good. At this time, Tian Yong also came to visit Xia Chu with some food. The three of them ate together. Tian Yong took a sip of the soup and said that there was no taste in the soup, but at the beginning of Xia he said that the soup tasted good. Tian Yong looked at Liang Muze’s eyes and quickly changed his mouth and said that the soup tasted good. Tian Yong felt like a light bulb. Hurry up as an excuse to leave beforehand.

Xia Chu thanked Liang Muze for taking care of herself these days. Liang Muze asked Xia Chu to apologize for buying flowers. Although Xia Chu felt that she was a little nosy, she didn’t understand why Liang Muze was so angry. Liang Muze explained. Only then did she understand that Liang Muze and Chen Mengzhen did not have a relationship between men and women. She apologized to Liang Muze, saying that she didn’t want the two people in love to miss it. It was too uncomfortable to miss. Liang Muze felt that he would not let the one he loves and himself miss.

After eating, Xia Chu was packing his clothes. Liang Muze said that Mu Min wanted to see the photo of the two, so he walked forward and took a photo. Xia Chu saw the photo and thought it was really ugly, so he put Liang Muze’s phone on him. After taking it, I carefully arranged the scene and took a lot of group photos. After the photos were repaired in the beginning of Xia, he handed the phone to Liang Muze. The distance between the two was extremely close, just like a real couple.

Originally, at the beginning of Xia, he wanted to return to the hospital the next day, but Liang Muze wanted to stay at the beginning of Xia for a few more days. On the one hand, he also wanted to strengthen his physique at the beginning of Xia, so as not to be easily injured in the future, so he applied to the brigade commander to stay in the army at the beginning of Xia. Participate in training as a non-staff personnel. Early Xia, just after the leg injury, was exhausted by Liang Muze’s devil training.

After sleeping in the early summer of the evening, there was heavy rain outside. In early summer, he was awakened by the sound of gathering outside. The heavy rain caused floods in the last few days. Liang Muze gathered his team members to the disaster area for disaster relief. When he arrived in early summer, Liang Muze was ready to board the car After leaving, she could only give Liang Muze a salute and ask him to take care.

After Liang Muze left, early Xia also returned to the hospital. This day happened to be the signing ceremony of cooperation between Zhuoran and the hospital. Migu also brought the team to film the contract. When early Xia heard the news, he wanted to meet Migu for dinner at night, but Migu wanted to have a meal with Zhuoran. After eating together, there was no reply to the news of early Xia. Zhuo Ran asked Migu to eat together. When Migu was happy, Zhuo Ran said to call Shangxiachu and Zhang Yichi. Migu was a little unhappy, so she lied that she had an appointment with Zhang Yichi.

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