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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 12 Recap

Zhuo Ran called the T4 leader to report the situation. The leader asked why Zhuo Ran wanted to provoke Liang Muze. Zhuo Ran said that it was to remove obstacles and complete the task better. The leader said that Zhuo Ran’s mother was seriously ill and the medicine was not too big. Usefulness, you still need to have a heart transplant to recover. After hanging up the phone, Long Yi said that Zhuo Ran was absolutely selfish in influencing Liang Muze, but the leader felt that Zhuo Ran’s mother was in his own hands, and Zhuo Ran could not escape his palm. The leader asked Long Yi to return to China to help Zhuo Ran kill the old ghost.

Liang Muze sent Xia Chu to the hospital. Before leaving, he asked if Xia Chu had seen Migu recently. Xia Chu replied that he had seen it once when he came back from the flood. At the beginning of Xia’s departure, Luo Xiaojun sent a message to ask Liang Muze to come to him. Liang Muze went to Chen Mengzhen’s place and found that Zhang Yichi was also there, and he was still learning flower arrangement with Chen Mengzhen.

He greeted Zhang Yichi and went upstairs to find Luo Xiaojun. Luo Xiaojun asked Liang Muze to teach himself to fight military sports, and he wanted to perform to the girl Xuan he liked Xuan look. Liang Muze taught Luo Xiaojun downstairs to chat with Zhang Yichi. In Zhang Yichi, he learned that Zhuoran had established a public welfare research fund in the hospital, and Migu wanted to shoot the theme of independent bookstores in the city.

He planned to introduce Chen Mengzhen’s shop to Migu. Liang Muze saw Zhang Yichi. Interesting to Chen Mengzhen, he told Zhang Yichi not to take Chen Mengzhen’s idea, and then drove Zhang Yichi away. Before leaving, he gave Zhang Yichi the sleeping pills that Xia Chu gave him and asked him to do a drug test.

Zhang Yichi gave the medicine to his colleague for testing. At the beginning of Xia on the side, he saw the smiling face he painted on the medicine bottle. He guessed that Liang Muze gave the medicine to Zhang Yichi for testing. The colleague said that there was something wrong with the medicine. Elaborate. Early Xia was a little aggrieved. He felt that Liang Muze regarded his kindness as the liver and lungs of a donkey. When Liang Muze came to take care of his get off work, he asked him why he was testing the drug. Liang Muze said that this matter had nothing to do with Xia Chu, but he didn’t know how to explain it before the test results came out. Xia Chu said that he would wait for the test results to come out before meeting.

Rao Feng’s daughter is going back to China, but he can’t pick up the plane, so he can only ask Liang Muze for help. Rao Feng asked if Liang Muze had encountered any abnormalities afterwards. Liang Muze said about the replacement of his commonly used medicine, Rao Feng was a little worried. Here Long Yi found out that several of their processing plants had been robbed by the old ghost. The old ghost also fled to China. The leader asked Long Yi to inform Zoran.

Angrily, Xia Chu went to Migu’s house to talk to her about this matter. Migu was a little guilty and said that he changed the medicine. Migu told Xia Chu that Zhuo Ran had told herself that she had a history of abusing sleeping pills at the beginning of Xia, so she asked herself to replace sleeping pills with tranquilizers. She thought that this medicine was taken in early Xia. Early Xia felt something was wrong, and asked why Migu and Zoran were so close, Migu had to confess that the person she fell in love with at first sight at the airport was Zoran. After Xia Chu left, Migu called Zhuoran to tell Zhuo Ran that Xia Chu had already learned about the dressing change.

When Xia Chu learned that she had misunderstood Liang Muze, she felt very guilty. He stood at the door of his house and hesitated how to face Liang Muze. At this time, Liang Muze was going out to find Xia Chu. Seeing that Xia Chu had returned, he asked her why she didn’t come in. Xia Chu said that he would find him. After leaving the house, I packed up my things and left tonight. Liang Muze refused to let her go, explaining that he checked the medicine because the surveillance found that the medicine had been replaced by Migu.

When Xia Chu insisted on leaving, Liang Muze blocked him and asked Xia Chu to help pick up his cousin Liang Shaoxue. His cousin also lived in her own house, so that Xia Chu and Liang Shaoxue had a good relationship, and then left. The conversation between the two was monitored by Zoran. Zoran used 3D printing technology to make a small pistol, and recalled the past. In his third year of high school, his father was killed by Liang Muze for drug trafficking, and he and his mother were captured by the T4 leader.

In order to survive, he pleaded hard for the leader to take him in, and only then took his life. Zhuo Ran found the whereabouts of the old ghost. The old ghost planned to approach Xia Guangyuan through the medical forum and agreed to a deal with Brother Xiong. The police have been monitoring Brother Xiong and learned that Brother Xiong is going to make a deal with people, but they don’t know who the transaction is.

Zhang Yichi called Liang Muze and said that the test results came out. It cannot be said that the medicine is toxic, nor can it be said that it is completely safe. The pills were 3D printed, and an excipient called aristolochia was used excessively. If this medicine is long-term If used, there is a risk of liver cancer.

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