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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 11 Recap

Early Xia went to the front line to check Liang Muze’s body. Liang Muze refused to listen. Xia Chu also stubbornly refused to leave. Liang Muze picked up Xia Chu and prepared to send her away. He met Dong Zhigang on the road, and Liang Muze had to put down Xia Chu. Early Xia told Dong Zhigang what happened. Dong Zhigang was teaching Liang Muze. Suddenly someone came to report that something was wrong with Army Doctor Wu.

Xia Chu followed him to Army Doctor Wu. After seeing the situation, Xia Chu suspected that several people with fever were Infected with the plague, he asked Dong Zhigang to close the tent and wait for the superior unit to confirm the patient’s condition. At the beginning of summer, he stayed to take care of the patients, and Liang Muze also continued to lead the flood relief.

The sky finally cleared. At the beginning of Xia’s break, when he saw Liang Muze was still taking care of his teammates, he handed Liang Muze a bottle of water. The two took advantage of the rare rest time to sit and chat together. Liang Muze asked with some worry whether the sick teammates could get better at the beginning of Xia. Every time he took his teammates out to perform a task, his biggest wish was to bring all his teammates back intact. He really couldn’t accept the parting of life and death. Thinking of Luo Liang’s affairs, he would rather fall himself. Xia Chu also talked about the reasons for her decision to study medicine, and asked Liang Muze to take good care of her body. She didn’t want Liang Muze to have trouble.

When the two were discussing their hearts, the brigade commander came back with the medical team. The military doctor said that the sick soldier was infected with w4c9 and that the vaccine is now on the way. He also said that the quarantine measures in early summer were very timely. The most urgent thing is to give the patients medicine. , And then take blood tests for other soldiers to explain the protection methods to avoid further spread of the epidemic.

After the troop’s condition stabilized, Xia Chu went back with the medical team. Liang Muze sent him to Xia Chu specially. Xia Chu also lipped Liang Muze in the car, saying that he would wait for him to return home. When he came to the disaster area in early summer, he brought sleeping pills to Liang Muze. Liang Muze was not willing to take them. He planned to take one at night, but found that the medicine was a bit strange.

After Xia Chu and Xiao Xiao returned to the hospital, Zhang Yichi said that there was a heart transplant operation performed by the chief surgeon for Xia Chu to observe. Seeing that Xiao Xiao wanted to see it, Xia Chu said a few words for Xiao Xiao, but Zhang Yichi said this time. The quota is full, so I can only let Xia Chu see it alone. Xiao Xiao didn’t thank Xia Chu for speaking for himself, but said that the next opportunity must be his own.

Liang Muze was about to go home after completing the task. Early Xia specially went home to change the sheets for Liang Muze. On the way back, Liang Muze also bought the quicksand bag that both of them loved. Liang Muze returned to the room and saw the new sheets he had changed in early summer. He felt better. Liang Muze installed surveillance in the living room before. After taking a shower, Liang Muze looked at the playback of surveillance and found that Migu gave himself in early summer. I moved my hands and feet on the sleeping pills I prepared. Liang Muze didn’t say anything, just went out to eat with Xia Chu.

Zhuo Ran installed a bug on the cat Ermiao in the beginning of Xia. Now when Liang Muze came back, Zhuo Ran overheard the conversation between Xia Chu and Liang Muze in the office. Early Xia asked Liang Muze if he had taken the sleeping pills he prepared. Liang Muze said that he had taken it. One, Xia Chu asked him if he had found anything interesting. Seeing that Liang Muze had no response, Xia Chu thought it was Liang Muze’s too straight man who didn’t find it.

The two talked about death again, and the atmosphere was a little sad. Xia Chu said that if he understands death, he will cherish the present more and will not miss the beauty of the present. Liang Muze asked her if she was afraid of missing it, but Xia Chu changed the subject and said Having a few drinks with Liang Muze, and telling him about his past with Zhuo Ran, Liang Muze asked if it was Zhuo Ran that made Xia Chu dislike those in military uniforms. Early Xia was a little angry. Liang Muze peeked at them and did not continue. Ask.

Liang Muze suddenly wanted to read the detective novel of Xia Chu he had read before, but he couldn’t find it. The novel was taken away by Zhuo Ran, and the two naturally couldn’t find it, and the two didn’t care about it. Liang Muze invited Xia Chu to go to the furniture store together and changed a set of warm furniture for the home. The two carefully arranged the room and played around in the room. The atmosphere between the two was very ambiguous.

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