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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 10 Recap

Zhang Yichi saw Migu’s thoughts about Zhuoran, and he advised Migu not to focus on people who don’t have her in his heart, and suggested that Migu, if she wants to pursue Zhuoran, she should talk to Xia Chu in advance to avoid embarrassment later. After Migu refused Zhuo Ran’s invitation, Zhuo Ran went to the office to find Xia Chu. Taking advantage of Xia Chu to escape, Zhuo Ran inserted a USB flash drive into Xia Chu’s computer, hacked into Xia Chu’s computer, and obtained the data in Xia Chu’s computer. ,

Early Xia was writing the patient’s medical advice, and he quickly called someone from the Information Department to repair the computer. Fortunately, the data in the computer could be restored. Zhuo Ran stalked Xia Chu and wanted to eat with her, but Xia Chu couldn’t be stunned, so he agreed to have a meal with him.

At the dinner table, the two recalled that Zhuo Ran and Xia Chu were at the same table in high school. The two went home together in class and were very close, but suddenly one day, Zhuo Ran left without saying goodbye. Xia Chu said that after so many years, he has already Let go of this relationship. After Xia Chu finished eating, he went to find Migu, just to see that Migu was entangled by a perverted fan, Xia Chu quickly helped to get rid of the perversion. Xia Chu talked with Migu for a while, Migu asked Xia Chu and Zhuo Ran how they ate and did she still feel about Zhuo Ran. Xia Chu said that Zhuo Ran knew her own taste very well, but she felt that love is not only three meals a day. , Sometimes promise is more important than love.

Zhuo Ran started the offensive against the beginning of Xia and sent afternoon tea to the department in the beginning of Xia. In the beginning of Xia, it was a little difficult to fight. After calling Zhuo Ran to thank him, he hung up the phone. It happened that early Xia saw the hospital recruiting volunteers to fight the flood. He took the initiative to sign up to Zhang Yichi. When Xiao Xiao, who was going to the disaster area, saw that Xia Chu took the initiative to sign up, he thought that he didn’t need to go, but Zhang Yichi asked her to go with him. Early Xia entrusted Ermiao to the care of Migu, and planned to give Liang Muze some sleeping pills.

Early Xia’s concern for Liang Muze made Zhuo Ran panic when she learned about it through the surveillance voice. In early summer, a group of people went to the disaster area by car, but their car had a puncture on the road, but the old squad leader didn’t have enough tools to change the tire. At the beginning of summer, they saw a car passing by and waved to let people stop. Liang Muze’s troops, Liang Muze asked to help change the tires, when the old squad leader suddenly fainted to the ground, Liang Muze quickly arranged a tent for the doctor to check the old squad leader.

This time, two doctors, Xiao Xiao and Xia Chu, came to the heart surgery department. Both of them had never had surgery and were inexperienced. They were a little overwhelmed in the face of unexpected situations. Xia Chu remembered the sudden brake and guessed that it might be acute blood gas. Chest, the old squad leader’s condition was getting worse and worse. At the beginning of Xia, he was deadlifted on the operating table.

Fortunately, at the beginning of Xia, he worked hard and had a solid theoretical foundation. He soon found the old squad leader’s bleeding and began to perform sutures on the old squad leader. , The operation was completed without any risk, Xia Chu successfully rescued the old squad leader, Liang Muze sent Xia Chu and his party to the base, saw that Xia Chu’s coat fell on the bus, and gave his coat to Xia Chu.

Zhuo Ran brought a gift to Xia Chu’s hometown to visit Xia Chu’s parents. He also deliberately stated that his mother was seriously ill and was relying on drugs to maintain her life. Zhuo Ran and Xia Mu were chatting. Xia Guangyuan suddenly appeared. Xia Guangyuan still remembers that Xia was doing for Zhuo Ran in early Xia. After leaving a lot of tears, he rudely asked Zhuo Ran to leave with a gift, saying that it was useless for Zhuo Ran to get back to the beginning of Xia by getting close to them.

Zhuo Ran could only leave. After he went out, he saw Xia Guangyuan’s car. He punctured Xia Guangyuan’s tires. Then he deliberately ran into Xia Guangyuan’s car. He said that some children punctured Xia Guangyuan’s car. Xia Guangyuan rushed to the research institute and had to sit in Zhuo Ran. He also exchanged business cards with Zoran.

At the beginning of Xia Xia learned that Liang Muze’s team had fallen ill with a few soldiers. Liang Muze personally went to the front line to guard the dam. He stayed on the dam for several days and nights without eating or sleeping. Dong Zhigang could not persuade him, but Xiao Teng worried. Liang Muze hoped that early Xia would go to the front line to persuade Liang Muze.

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