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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 23 Recap

Gu Renqi opened his eyes and saw that Shuangjiao was standing in front of him, holding the hands of Shuangjiao tightly, hoping that Shuangjiao would never leave. Gu Renqi blamed himself for failing to take care of Shuangjiao and swears. Don’t let Shuangjiao cry for her, and take care of her for life.

It is Shuangjiao who knows that the only person who can untie Gu Renqi’s knot is Gu Shiheng, who wants to find Gu Shiheng to completely open the knot for Gu Renqi, and also bought flowers for Gu Renqi, and celebrates his birthday for Gu Renqi. Gu Renqi never celebrated his birthday since he was a child. Because of his grandfather, Gu Renqi did not have a happy childhood at all. It is Shuangjiao who loves Gu Renqi very much, and hopes to have the opportunity to go to Gu Renqi’s home to learn more about Gu Renqi’s past.

In order to make Gu Shiheng realize how uncomfortable it is to force others, Mei Hua made some food for Gu Shiheng when he was in poor health. However, Gu Shiheng just didn’t eat it. Mei Hua forced Gu Shiheng to drink vegetable juice. And asked if Gu Shiheng felt uncomfortable being forced? Only then did Gu Shiheng know that the plum blossom was for Gu’s sake, to prove that he was right and bite the bullet and drink it.

It was Junjie who wanted to go abroad for further studies because of her outstanding grades, but she was reluctant to leave Zhu Yan, for fear that she would be pursued by others as soon as she left the country, but Zhu Yan persuaded Junjie to go with peace of mind. In her heart, only Junjie is the only one who belongs to Junjie.

Gu Renqi and Shuangjiao came to the home where he lived when he was a child, which was also his grandfather’s home. The place was full of the shadow of the grandfather. Grandpa always accused his nose of disgusting Gu Renqi for being too dirty. Gu Renqi was instinctively reluctant to walk in, but Shuang Jiao held Gu Renqi’s hand and walked in. Mei Hua had already prepared a large table of food and waiting. Gu Shiheng gave Gu Renqi the company so well. To be sure, I hope that Gu Renqi will go back to take care of the company and not leave everyone alone.

Gu Shiheng actually remembers Gu Renqi’s birthday every year. Every year he buys gifts for Gu Renqi on his birthday, but they didn’t give them out, but put them in the box in the bedroom. Gu Shiheng took out those gifts and showed them to Gu Renqi. , Gu Renqi was moved to tears, only then did he know that Gu Shiheng loved him all these years. Gu Shiheng asked Gu Shiheng to prepare eggs for Gu Renqi and told him to eat them. The food on that table was also to celebrate Gu Renqi’s birthday. Gu Shiheng’s care and affirmation made Gu Renqi regain his confidence.

Zhu Yan specially bought a suit for Junjie, and encouraged Junjie to be interviewed, so that he must have absolute self-confidence. In order to have a good interview result, Zhu Yan deliberately simulated the interview with Junjie. When asked whether he wanted to return to the country for development or stay outside after studying abroad, Junjie answered in the affirmative and will definitely come back because there are his favorite people here.

When Li Dongxian took Wang Qianqian to the racecourse, he ran into Wang Qianqian’s fans. Li Dongxian wanted to avoid but was stopped by Wang Qianqian. Wang Qianqian took Li Dongxian to meet with everyone. He did not shy away from the relationship between the two and hoped to open up their love relationship from now on. Li Dongxian also acknowledged this relationship in front of his fans, and said in public that as Wang Qianqian’s boyfriend, he would definitely protect Wang Qianqian, for the fans, and even for himself.

Gu Shiheng also took the initiative to find the hero to apologize, hoping that Shuangjiao and Gu Renqi were together. This made Shuangjiao and Gu Renqi happen to see that it was unexpected that someone so proud would apologize. After Gu Shiheng left, Gu Renqi also took the initiative to request that the hero allow him to be with Shuangjiao, and promised to take good care of Shuangjiao, so that the hero would give him his daughter without worry.

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