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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 14 Recap

After Li Jingfan’s troubles, Li Qian relaxed. Li Chen was afraid that Li Jingfan would bully Li Qian when he called to ask about the situation. Instead, Li Qian told Li Chen that she had planned to do a fake show with Ning Chengming, and she happily agreed. I went out to play with Ning Chengming.

Qi Wei found a ledger here at Ning Chengming’s cousin Lu Shao. Knowing that this is very important to Ning Chengming and the company, Lu Shao remembered that this ledger was placed here by the former financial controller Dong Wei. Qi Wei quickly took it. Leaving with the ledger, and asked Major General Lu Ning Chengming to send him his current location.

Afterwards, Qi Wei took the ledger to find Li Qian and Ning Chengming. Li Qian saw Qi Wei coming from a distance and was so scared that he quickly took Ning Chengming, who was playing games, and hid in the room where the photo was taken, and unexpectedly took the photo. Many photos, one of which happened to be seen by Qi Wei when it fell. Qi Wei hurriedly searched for a small room, but Li Qian hid Ning Chengming and Qi Wei returned without success.

When Qi Wei left, Li Qian looked back to find Ning Chengming, but suddenly found that Ning Chengming was missing. Li Qian hurriedly looked around. When he saw Ning Chengming appearing behind him, Li Qian held Ning Chengming excitedly. After tears, Ning Chengming gave the gift he bought to Li Qian.

Cao Mei was worried that the matter would be revealed, so he approached Director He to seek support. Ma Hao knew about this matter and was a little angry. In his opinion, Ning Chengming was already dead, and the ledger was gone. He didn’t need anyone at all. They can do whatever they want, no one can stop them.

On the way back, Li Qian and Ning Chengming were unwilling to stay away, thinking about Ning Chengming’s things repeatedly, contacting the past and the consequences to guess that Ning Chengming was killed by Ma Hao. At present, the only one who can help Ning Chengming turn the situation is to find Ma Hao who committed the crime. The evidence, I also believe that the evidence must belong to Ning Chengming, or Ning Chengming knew about it, so he was persecuted by Ma Hao.

Ning Chengming bought a lantern for Li Qian. This beautiful lantern reminded Li Qian of her childhood. She had always grown up with her mother. She didn’t meet Li Jingfan until she was eighteen because her mother was painting. The artist seems to know nothing except painting. It may be because of the artist that he does not value marriage and has never been with Li Jingfan. Although Li Qian is present, she has not been able to keep her parents together. I have never enjoyed the happiness that a child should have, and now seeing this lantern turned out to be a long-lost childhood, Li Qian also shared his story with Ning Chengming.

Gu Zhe accidentally learned that Gu Lan and Li Chen were in fact a political marriage. For the sake of the two companies’ connection and to help Yu Qingqing pursue Li Chen’s pursuit of Li Chen, he deliberately told Yu Qingqing the news, but Yu Qingqing was also very proud of her outstanding performance. Girls have always been pursued by people, never thought of and would never pursue people. Gu Zhe didn’t care much, anyway, because he couldn’t get in Yu Qingqing’s car, he still had to go to the activities together.

Ning Chengming’s habit has always been to drink bitter coffee. Li Qian deliberately brewed a cup of sugared coffee for Ning Chengming, and also told Ning Chengming that people should add some desserts appropriately in their lives, so that they are colorful and tasteful. At this time, Yu Qingqing and Gu Zhe arrived one after another. After Li Qian opened the door, they took the two into the room to chat.

In order to show the master’s way, Ning Chengming specially brewed coffee and sent it there. He saw Gu Zhe at a glance. Gu Zhe was also very surprised and surprised when he saw Ning Chengming.

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