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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 13 Recap

Cao Mei asked Qi Wei to find Ning Chengming and showed concern for Ning Chengming, but Qi Wei didn’t believe it at all. Qi Wei found Ning Chengming’s cousin and claimed that the person who really wanted to bring down the company was Cao Mei, he would not believe that Cao Mei kindly cared about Ning Chengming.

The conversation between Li Chen and Li Qian was overheard by Yu Qingqing and Gu Zhe outside the door. Li Chen hoped that Li Qian and Ning Chengming would cut off the relationship as soon as possible and not make the fake come true. At the same time, he also said that although it is impossible for him and Gu Lan, Nor would he like Yu Qingqing, because he has never felt for Yu Qingqing, and always treats Yu Qingqing as his own sister. These words made Yu Qingqing feel uncomfortable. Gu Zhe wanted to comfort Yu Qingqing, but Yu Qingqing didn’t buy it at all. In her heart, this boss was a waste boss and was not qualified to comfort her at all.

But when Yu Qingqing was emotionally ran, his heel got stuck in the sewer, and the people were in a row and fell into the pool. Fortunately, Gu Zhe pulled her out. Then, in order to take care of Yu Qingqing who got wet clothes, Gu Zhe took her to the hotel to open a room for replacement. After changing the clothes, Yu Qingqing turned her face and wanted to drive away Gu Zhe. She must not let anyone misunderstand the relationship between the two. However, Gu Zhe said that the two could help each other. He also made it clear that he liked Li Qian and asked Yu Qingqing to help chase him. In exchange, Gu Zhe promised to help Yu Qingqing pursue Li Chen.

Although Li Qian’s mother broke up with her father, she was afraid that Li Qian would not dare to try to fall in love under the influence of this feeling, so she told Li Qian very early that the main reason for breaking up with her father was to give each other some independence. Space, and encouraged Li Qian to bravely experience if he meets someone he likes. Ning Chengming knew that he was a bastard before.

Although he had lost his previous memories, it was not difficult to tell who he was from the evaluations of people around him, so he felt even more sorry for Li Qian. That night, Ning Chengming drank too much. He apologized to Li Qian and wrote out a plan. He wanted to take Li Qian on a trip. At the same time, he also reviewed his previous behavior in two thousand words, and they were more affectionate. Deeply, he vowed to be nice to Li Qian. Li Qian read this review book and felt Ning Chengming’s sincerity.

Both Li Chen and Gu Lan had their own goals. In order to obtain financial support from the family, they had to cooperate with the family and obey the arrangements of the family. Gu Lan sent a message to Li Chen requesting that the two be together that day. Li Chen learned that Li Jingfan had gone to Ning Chengming and immediately notified Li Qian, and Li Qian hurried back.

It happened that Li Qian heard Li Jingfan’s warning to Ning Chengming and told Ning Chengming to stay away from Li Qian. Li Qian angrily reprimanded Li Jingfan for not being qualified to interfere with their affairs, and lied that Ning Chengming was her fiancé. Li Jingfan had always treated Li Qian. Feeling guilty, he was like a child who made mistakes in front of Li Qian, and left quickly.

The arrival of Li Jingfan also reminded Li Qian of what happened when he was a child, and his father pretended to be a white rabbit to give gifts to other women.

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