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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 29 Recap

Liu Fugui was deeply attracted by Guilan’s graceful dance, and he didn’t pay attention to the stones at his feet. He was unstable and almost fell. Gui Lan turned around and saw his embarrassed appearance, and hurriedly called him. Liu Fugui jokes that she gives him free every day. The guests danced and gave people free changes to their clothes. Guilan was very proud.

She had a monthly salary of more than 3,000, which was much better than working as a free housekeeper in his house. Liu Fugui was not convinced and asked Guilan to pay her previous living expenses. Guilan He ridiculed him, and even jokes that he can only go home to eat instant noodles, Liu Fugui left without looking back in anger.

Today is the day of the first Yangko competition. Eighteen villages’ representatives came to Houshigou Village together, and the audience was full. Xu Youwei broadcasted the event live, and Guilan brought the Houshigou Village Yangko team to a stunning appearance. They immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Their wonderful performance won cheers and cheers from the audience.

At the end of the game, the Houshigou Village Yangko team lived up to their expectations and won the first place. Secretary Li of Kuier Village was not convinced and felt that Houshigou Village would win. Regarding the gorgeous costumes, Sun Guangming admitted that these costumes were made by Guilan himself, and Secretary Li couldn’t wait to customize the clothes from Guilan.

Sun Guangming asked Guilan to help the barn’s waiter design uniforms, and Xu Youyou gave her a prepayment for materials. Xu Youyou didn’t want to pay, and asked Sun Guangming to help Guihua find a man to make up for the regret of losing Liu Fugui. This task is handed over to Xu Youwei. When Liu Fugui came home, what was lingering in his mind was the little by little he and Guilan were together. Liu Fugui never forgot about Guilan.

Guilan personally measured Sun Guangming and the staff in the barn, and finally customized different uniforms for the waiters and chefs. They were very satisfied. Sun Guangming praised Guilan’s craftsmanship and took everyone to take a group photo. The photos are then sent to the public account for publicity. The bosses of Xihai Restaurant saw the photos of the official account, and they all liked the uniforms designed by Guilan.

The bosses called Sun Guangming for customization. Sun Guangming first took over 200 sets of uniforms, and he notified him immediately. Guilan, let Guilan be her boss, and gather all the women who will be tailored in the village. Guilan worried that she would not be able to do the job. Sun Guangming encouraged her and cheered for her. Guilan immediately increased her confidence.

Liu Fugui plucked up the courage to come to Zhao Yushan. Zhao Yushan guessed that he had come to propose to Xichun and cursed at him. If he had a relationship with Xichun, he would be in a mess. Liu Fugui had to admit that he liked the wrong person, and Xichun was right. He was boring, he only liked Li Jian’an. Xichun came to Liu Fugui to negotiate. She admitted that she liked Li Jian’an, and only asked Liu Fugui not to talk nonsense in front of Zhao Yushan in the future. Zhao Yushan put pressure on her, and Liu Fugui persuaded Xichun to give up Li Jian’an because they were not the same kind of people. , But Xichun has decided.

Gui Lan came to Liu Fugui to discuss the opening of a clothing workshop. When he saw this scene, Xichun hurriedly found an excuse to leave. Gui Lan borrowed money from Liu Fugui. Liu Fugui repeatedly claimed that Guilan blackmailed him, and Gui Lan went away in anger. Guilan had to come to Sun Guangming for help. She did a simple calculation. Buying a few second-hand machines plus materials costs at least 80,000 yuan. Sun Guangming promised to lend her a loan. Guilan wanted to rent a house in Zhao’s old house to open a workshop. , Sun Guangming named “Osmanthus Tooling”.

Sun Guangming helped Osmanthus with a loan. Osmanthus hurriedly bought machines to hire people. The tooling workshop finally opened. Sun Guangming personally tailored her. Guilan took a few female workers and started rushing to work day and night. Zhao Yuxi saw that Guilan’s workshop was booming, and couldn’t wait to take credit for himself. Thanks to him, he won a few rooms from Zhao Yushan for Guilan. Liu Fugui came to the supermarket to buy instant noodles in frustration, Zhao Meifeng told him Guilan’s current situation, and Liu Fugui deliberately said cold words.

Sun Guangming brought back a document from the town. The annual selection of star villages in Xihai City is about to begin. Sun Guangming convenes a meeting of the two committees. He thinks Houshigou Village is very promising. Guilan and Liu Haitang gave him a detailed introduction. After discussing the sales of vegetables and pancakes, Feng Jinbao also reported the income of the homestay and tourism industry. Finally, Li Jian’an also talked about the results of party building and cultural activities. They all have confidence. Only the Yimin kept his head down. Sun Guangming saw He wanted to say something but stopped.

Liu Fugui had nothing to do every day, he could only dream of death. Zhao Yuxi was anxious in his eyes. He took the opportunity to instigate Liu Fugui and let him take this opportunity to overthrow Li Jian’an. Liu Fugui naturally couldn’t ask for it. As long as he defeated Li Jian’an, his love rival, he and Only when Xichun has the opportunity to be together. Sun Guangming came to Yimin to find out about the situation. Yimin had to admit that he had invested in the construction of the canal before he came, but Li Jianan divided the money according to the head. The canal remained unrepaired, and Zhao Yushan called on Lao Zhao’s family to remove Li. Jian’an.

Sun Guangming complained that the righteous people shouldn’t be concealing the matter. He considered it again and again, and immediately decided to summon the villagers to repair the canal, and strive to complete the work before the selection team came. The righteous people hurried to gather the villagers. Zhao Yuxi came to Sun Guangming to prosecute Li Jianan.

Sun Guangming had guessed that he was doing the canal repair work. Not only was he not grateful, but complained that he was late. Zhao Yuxi once again proposed to dismiss Li Jianan and promote him to the village director. He took the villagers to repair the canal, but Sun Guangming didn’t buy it at all and asked him to mobilize the villagers to repair the canal.

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